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Avatar: 10 Ways Being A Non-Bender Is Actually Better Than Being A Bender

In the Avatar Universe, sometimes, being a Non-Bender has more advantages. The story revolves around a mythically powerful bender in both The Legend of Korra and The Legend of The Avatar. The Avatar and the rest of the benders save the world from evil while endangering their own lives. Aang and Korra are incredible heroes but need the help of their Bender and Non-bender friends to save the world. There are some fantastic things that only Non-Benders can do!

1. Non-benders don’t let power affect them: Non-benders are constantly dealing with failure. They all learn and grow from the lessons of failure. The Cabbage Vender is one such non-bender. He never gave up, despite failing so many times, and eventually rose to power.

Non-Bender, Cabbage Vendor

2. Non-Benders are not prone to causing accidents and damages: Bending is a great power and a big responsibility. This responsibility often causes stress and anxiety of causing accidents and harming people and property. Non-benders are equal contributors to saving the world without the pressure of causing accidents.

 Avatar: The Last Airbender

3. Terrorist groups rarely target them: In the world of The Legend of Korra and The Last Airbender, the ones with power are frequently attacked. The Airbenders possess power and are therefore targets of various attacks. The life of non-benders, though non-glamorous, is way safer.

A Non Bender is safer from villains

4. They are usually off the hook regarding accusations of poor leadership: In The Legend of Korra, Amon stands out amongst a diverse set of villains. The person generally causing the chaos and mayhem in the Avatar lore is usually a bender.

Amon , Hollow Mask: Korra

5. Non-Benders can enhance their skills with weapons, tools, and technology: Benders have a unique bond with nature and their bonding element. Non-Benders can choose to improve their fighting prowess with the help of tools, weapons, and technology, but can never experience a unique bond like the benders.

The Legend Of Korra: Non-Bender

6. A Non-Bender can avoid the darkness that comes with privilege: Benders have a lot of power but are more likely to lose their minds to the dark power of privilege. Such control can sometimes cripple the human mind and make the Bender lose touch with humanity. In the Avatar mythos, the non-benders can avert this curse.

Avatar: Curse of Privilege

7. It gives them more time to master other Skills: It takes very long to master the art of bending. As a result, it leaves the Bender with no time to learn different skills. Fire Lord Ozai is a prime example of this. Non-benders can develop and enhance other essential and life-saving skills.Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fire Lord Ozai

8. Audiences relate to the non-bender: Asami and Sokka may not be the most likable characters in the series. But  the audience can relate to them the most. The Benders may be more likable and save the world, but the non-benders are more relatable.

Legend Of Korra: Asami

9. Non-bender can have more friends and time off: Non-benders don’t have to fend off constant attacks from terrorists and so have the advantage of normalcy. The responsibilities of a bender do not allow time for friends or a normal childhood.

 Avatar: The Last Airbender characters

10. They are untarnished by god-like power: As a result, they can have an untainted sense of humor, a down-to-earth personality, and be more humane, like Sokka.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Sokka- Non-Bender


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