Aya Cash Wants To Play X-Men Characters In The MCU

The Boys recently finished its second season on quite an explosive note. Prior to the release of the first season, Amazon Prime had greenlit the second season. Unsurprisingly, the second season of The Boys has affirmed why it is one of the best shows in recent times. Part of the astounding success of the second season goes to Stormfront, who was portrayed by Aya Cash.

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In the second season of The Boys, Stormfront made her appearance as a member of the Seven. Played by the charismatic Aya Cash, Stormfront soon became a pivotal character in the second season. Aya Cash’s contagious personality and imposing screen presence made Stormfront an insidious force of nature.

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Contrary to the graphic novel, The Boys opted for a gender-swapped Stormfront starring Aya Cash. A far cry from her comic book counterpart, the show’s Stormfront is a cunning and manipulative supe who uses the power of social media to further her Nazi ideologies surreptitiously.

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Prior to the mindblowing season finale (pardon the pun), Aya Cash had opened up about her career prospects in an interview with Screen Geek. Joining her in the interview was Antony Starr, the New Zealand actor who plays Homelander in The Boys. Previously, Antony Starr has shown interest to play the role of Wolverine in the MCU, as Hugh Jackman probably won’t be returning as the unkillable mutant.

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In her interview with Screen Geek, Aya Cash had some interesting responses when asked about her possibility of joining the MCU. The You’re The Worst star has shown her interest in playing a few mutants, as the Disney-Fox deal has brought them under the roof of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Great! Tell them to call me. I’m avail. Yeah, I mean, I’m not opposed to doing any job at this moment. I mean, you know, we’re in a pandemic, sure. (Jokingly) Career goals out the window, let’s work. I grew up on X-Men. So, in my fantasy world, I’d be in that universe, the Phoenix Rising. I would have loved to be a part of the X-Men world. And if there’s another opportunity – X-Men Geriatrics – they can come to me whenever.”

When asked about which specific character does she have in mind, she had a few popular X-Men characters in mind. Aya Cash wishes to play the role of Scott Summers/Cyclops’ long-time romantic interest and one of the most powerful mutants in the X-Men, Jean Grey. However, her favorite character which she really wishes to play might be a bit difficult.

“Yeah, but I also, I mean, my favorite character in all of the X-Men universe was always Beast. So, if we’re going to do gender swap – no, they would kill me. I don’t even want to do a gender swap.”

In The Boys, Aya Cash plays the gender-swapped Stormfront. However, changing the gender of Beast, one of the most popular X-Men characters, is not something Marvel Studios will consider, lest it faces a massive backlash from the fans.

In the end, when asked about her top three characters from the X-Men she would like to play in the MCU, Aya Cash gave a list which we surely wish Kevin Feige and the executives at Marvel Studios take seriously.

“I’d do Rogue, Jean Grey, and Beast for my pick.”

Though an X-Men movie under the banner of Marvel Studios is yet to be conceived, the idea of Aya Cash joining the roster as Rogue, Jean Grey, or even a gender-swapped Beast is exciting enough. As Antony Starr also wishes to join the MCU as Wolverine, we can only hope for a reunion of these actors, only this time as real superheroes.

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