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Babylon Star Brad Pitt Reportedly Immensely Happy With New Beau Ines de Ramon as Ex Angelina Jolie Prepares Next Move To Annihilate His $300M Career

Babylon Star Brad Pitt Reportedly Immensely Happy With New Beau Ines de Ramon as Ex Angelina Jolie Prepares Next Move To Annihilate His $300M Career

There is definitely no doubt that mega-movie star Brad Pitt is a man of good looks and a whole lot of class and charm. He’s had one-too-many exes- whether it be a girlfriend or wife- to count, and it seems like he hasn’t planned on stopping after his messy divorce, which was eventually followed up with a lawsuit by him against his ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

It’s not surprising that the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star is already looking for a new lover to fill whatever gap in his heart that his Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star had left open, however, nothing’s too official yet. Here’s who Brad Pitt’s rumored to be with nowadays, and he seems happy.

Brad Pitt FandomWire
Brad Pitt

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Who Is Brad Pitt’s New Beau Ines de Ramon?

Just seven months after the court declared former #Brangelina icons Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to be legally single, the latter had ended up spending his time looking for a new partner, or so it seems.

Ines de Ramon, the rumored new beau of the Inglourious Basterds star was going through her own tough time with her ex-husband, Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley. Having married him in 2019, their 3-year-old marriage came to an end this year in September.

Brad Pitt FandomWire
Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon photographed by paparazzi

Ramon eventually ended up meeting Pitt just two months later in November through a “mutual friend”, as sources say. In fact, they were even reported to have started dating after being photographed at U2 frontman Bono’s concert in Los Angeles on November 13.

The rumored new admirer/girlfriend of the 59-year-old star is no joke herself either. She’s active in the jewelry business and is currently serving as the head of wholesale for the jewelry brand Anita Ko Jewelry- a brand famous for having famous movie stars like Scarlet Johansson wear their art on red carpets.

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But are they serious? Well, Pitt officially got her to come with him to the afterparty premiere of his new comedy-drama movie just last week on December 15, with a source telling People that he-

“is clearly very into her, given he brought her to his premiere.”

Regardless, it’s also been reported that the two do not want to keep things exclusive, and only hang out whenever their busy schedules free up. Guess they’re taking it slow!

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Brad Pitt Is Enjoying His Time With Ines de Ramon

Brad Pitt and his new rumored lover’s love story doesn’t end at exclusivity, according to People they already have plans made for New Year’s Eve!

Brad Pitt FandomWire
Brad Pitt

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Now a source close to the Seven star has told People that the two are-

“Dating and happy. It’s not serious yet but he’s comfortable and they’re having fun together.”

A separate source also adds saying-

“They have a great time together. They do solo dates, but also group dates with friends.”

If they are already doing so much, and if Brad Pitt is indeed happy to be with her, then there’s a high chance that the two newfound lovers will eventually make things official. Love blooms slowly!

Source: People

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