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Back in Action: Jamie Foxx Reportedly Lashing Out Due to Immense Pressure to Make Cameron Diaz Comeback Movie a Success

Back in Action: Jamie Foxx Reportedly Lashing Out Due to Immense Pressure to Make Cameron Diaz Comeback Movie a Success

Cameron Diaz is one of those rare celebrities, who has always kept herself away from dramas and controversies. Despite the Golden Globe Award-winning actress quitting her thriving acting career for the sake of her family in 2018, the Charlie’s Angel star decided to make a comeback after almost eight years with Netflix’s Back in Action.

Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz
Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz

But now, her dream comeback turned into an absolute nightmare, courtesy of her longtime friend, Jamie Foxx, who created chaos with his diva behavior, making Diaz reconsider her comeback. While Foxx feels stupid for doing what Diaz likes to stay away from, he’s already done the damage as the actress got vocal with the idea of quitting showbiz again.

Cameron Diaz Bears The Burden Of Jamie Foxx’s Erratic Behavior

Cameron Diaz’s charm and determination made her one of the top-paid actresses in the 2000s. She may be Jamie Foxx’s handpicked star and Netflix may have moved mountains to convince the 50-year-old actress for her comeback movie, Back in Action, but things did go south right on the film’s set, courtesy of the actor’s erratic behavior.

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz (50) is making a comeback after 8 years with Back in Action

As Diaz decided to step back into acting after announcing her retirement in 2014 with her last film Annie, she is once again questioning the decision for one major reason, the actress doesn’t like drama and confrontation. She has gone public with the idea of re-retiring showbiz again following the chaos on the set of Back in Action.

An insider claimed that her dream comeback has turned into a nightmare, adding, “Jamie is being a total pill and sadly Cameron’s bearing the brunt of his foul moods.” The source also mentioned that even though he’d be thrilled to convince her in his movie, Foxx hates that “she is the center of attention.”

The Django Unchained star reportedly axed his personal chauffeur, also firing an exec producer and two directors. Back in Action is currently filming in London, and co-starring other A-listers like Kyle Chandler and Glenn Close.

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Jamie Foxx Is Working Hard Despite Hospitalization

Even though sources claim that Jamie Foxx’s erratic behavior resulted in Diaz’s thoughts to re-retire following Foxx’s antics, there’s more to the story. It has more to do with wanting to spend more time with her 3-year-old daughter, Radix. The source previously stated:

“When you are in a position of authority, sometimes you have to make decisions to let people go who do not share the same vision as you, I would be incredibly surprised if it caused any tension between Jamie and Cameron.”

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Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz was the top-paid actress in the 2000s

Jamie Foxx, who stars and executive produces the Seth Gordon-directed project, is “throwing his heart and soul into the project and is clearly under a huge amount of pressure,” but again, “he doesn’t need to be a total d*** to people”, is what the source feels.

Jamie Foxx may have caused chaos all around, but one cannot deny that the actor was reportedly sent to the hospital the following day, and it was so serious, that his parents had to fly to visit him. As for the upcoming movie, one never knows that all this negative publicity may work wonders for the film, which is expected to be released in early 2024.

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Source: Radar

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