Bad Batch Boss Has Ambitions Star Wars ‘Clone Wars Universe’ Takes the Same Route WB Did With DCAU: “I would watch that”

Despite Star Wars: The Bad Batch seemingly wrapping up the Clone Wars era, Brad Rau feels there are still more stories to tell.

Star Wars Clone Wars and DCAU


  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch, which told the story of the titular group of clones introduced in The Clone Wars animated series, recently wrapped up its run.
  • However, executive producer Brad Rau suggested that the Clone Wars corner of the Star Wars universe was ripe with other storytelling opportunities.
  • Rau also hinted at a potential animated Bad Batch film, which would mean that the Clone Wars corner could thrive using the blueprint set by the DCAU.
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Star Wars: The Bad Batch takes viewers to the lesser-known corners of the galaxy far, far away, where the titular group of clones fights for their survival. The series serves as a spin-off of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series and takes place after the infamous Order 66 led to the downfall of the Jedi.

A still from Star Wars: The Bad Batch
Star Wars: The Bad Batch recently ended after three seasons (Credit: Lucasfilm).

The Bad Batch recently concluded after the release of its third and final season. Despite the series coming to an end, executive producer Brad Rau has hinted that this might not be the last we see of the Bad Batch, expressing interest in a film adaptation. As a result, the Clone Wars corner of the Star Wars universe could live on and the DCAU provides the perfect template for the same.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Executive Producer Brad Rau Provides Hope For the Clone Wars Corner

Star Wars: The Bad Batch premiered in 2021, serving as a spin-off of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which concluded in 2020. The series received critical acclaim and gained popularity among the wider Star Wars fanbase.

A still from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
Brad Rau hinted that there could be more Clone Wars stories to tell (Image Credit: Lucasfilm).

The series is thus far the final animated entry focused on characters introduced in the parent series. However, despite its conclusion, executive producer Brad Rau has refused to close the door on the Clone Wars era of the space opera saga created by George Lucas.

I wouldn’t call it the end of the Clone Wars universe. But as the end of the story of this group of clones.

Rau made the above statement regarding the future of the Clone Wars era, during an interview with Inverse.

Rau’s comments suggest that while the Bad Batch’s story might have come to an end, other stories could be told, which will be set during the Clone Wars or focus on the characters introduced in the series. As a result, Rau expressed hope that there would be an opportunity to further explore the Clone Wars corner of the galaxy far, far away.


How the Clone Wars Universe Could Expand By Following the DCAU’s Steps

A still from Justice League Unlimited
The Clone Wars corner of Star Wars could follow the DCAU blueprint (Credit: Warner Bros).

During the same interview, Rau also hinted at how the Bad Batch’s story could be explored in future installments of the Star Wars franchise. Rau expressed interest in revisiting the titular group of clones in the form of an animated feature film.

I would watch that. 

Rau made the above comment regarding a possible film continuation of the animated series. At the same time, Jennifer Corbett, who served as the head writer, also sounded excited at the prospect of a Bad Batch animated film. Thus, the prospective film could serve as a window to continue exploring the Clone Wars corner.

In the past, the DCAU has done something similar after it created a string of popular animated television shows based on DC Comics characters. The franchise which started with Batman: The Animated Series, was later continued in the form of animated films after most of its flagship shows had ended. As a result, we could see the Clone Wars take a similar route and continue telling exciting and unique stories within the wider Star Wars universe.


Star Wars: The Bad Batch is streaming on Disney+. 

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