Bad Shows That Had An Incredible Premise But Still Bombed

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The premise of a show is very important. Shows that have an incredible premise are primed for great success. However, a solid premise is not the be-all, end-all for a TV show. There are a whole host of other things that need to go right for a show to be a hit. A great script, talented cast, good dialogue, to name a few.


A good premise alone can’t save a show if the rest of the stuff lags behind.  With this context in mind, we take a look at 5 shows that had an incredible premise but still bombed. What do you think of these shows? Did they have any redeeming qualities? Let us know in the comments section below.

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1. Star Trek: Voyager – Could Not Capitalize on its Great Premise

bad shows that had an incredible premise but still bombed
The Ship from the show

Star Trek Voyager had many appealing aspects to it. It had a solid premise too! Focusing on the titular ship being sent to the other side of the galaxy with limited resources. It had interesting aspects in the plot, such as a journey through a strange part of the galaxy populated by yet unmet aliens. What it suffered from was a lot of tropes being repeated throughout the show. It failed to live up to the great potential offered by its solid premise.

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2. The X-Files- Almost Made It

bad shows that had an incredible premise but still bombed
A Still from the show

This show enjoyed limited success solely due to its good premise. The premise was, a pair of FBI agents dealing with supernatural phenomena. One agent was a skeptic, while the other was a conspiracy theorist. The show slowly went downhill and the departure of the main cast gave it a fatal blow. A sad ending for a great start.


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3. Heroes – Bad Writing

bad shows that had an incredible premise but still bombed
Heroes, a still.

Heroes had a great first season. Alas, everything quickly became a disaster soon after. The premise was particularly appealing. A group of everyday persons who got superhero abilities and tried to save the world. Their characters even became iconic after the initial success. However, bad writing took the show down as fast as it went up.

4. Under The Dome – Quickly Went Downhill

bad shows with a good premise that bombed
Under the Dome, a still.

A Stephen King adaptation comes with great expectations. His stories are ingenious and quite enjoyable. This show involved a small town that was trapped in an impenetrable energy field. Sounds fascinating, right? The audiences were quick to give this show a chance, based on the fascinating premise. However, this is where all praise ends. The show quickly lost the plot and became absurd. This led to the rapid downfall of the show.


5. Revolution – Let Down By Bad Execution

bad shows with a good premise that bombed
Revolution, the stars of the show.

This show had an intriguing premise. A world with no electricity and lots of guns. While this interesting premise gave it a lot of hope, the execution was lackluster. The characters were not likable, and the whole thing failed to make it big. In the end, despite its good premise,  it did not do well.

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