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Horror Film, Barbarian, Will Receive a Video Game Adaptation From Diversion3 Entertainment

The hit film Barbarian is now set to be a video game.



  • Diversion3 Entertainment is working on a Barbarian video game.
  • They are the same creators who worked on the Friday the 13th and Evil Dead games.
  • The title will focus on the characters and creatures.

If you’re a fan of good horror movies and video game adaptations, the you will be happy to know the 2022 runaway success and critically acclaimed horror movie, Barbarian, is getting its very own horror video game adaptation!

The movie, written and directed by Zach Cregger in his first screenwriting and directional debut, released last year and was one of the highest-rated movies to hit the screen last year. It is now getting its own game, thanks to the developers over at Diversion3 Entertainment.

We will be going over what Barbarian is, what you can expect out of the game, and most importantly, when you can play this game yourself.

What Is the Film Barbarian About?

The popular horror film Barbarian will be receiving the video game treatment.
The popular horror film, Barbarian, will be receiving the video game treatment.

As previously mentioned, Barbarian was written by Zach Cregger and was released on September 9th, 2022. The film, currently sits at a fantastic 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and was both a critical success and a commercial one. The film, costing around the ballpark of $4-4.5 million went on to gross an astounding $45.4 million.

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So, what was this movie exactly about? We will just give you the basics to avoid any major spoilers, in case you have yet to see this fantastic film.

Barbarian is about a woman named Tess, played by Georgina Campbell, who discovers a rental house that she reserved for the weekend has been double-book by a man named AJ, played by Justin Long. Throughout the movie, Tess slowly begins realizing that a dark secret surrounding the house, and the movie deals with her finding out what’s truly inside.

You can compare this horror movie’s atmosphere with some of the classic greats, as not only does it have great characters, but the scares and the atmosphere are sure to make the hairs on your arm stand straight up. If you haven’t seen this film, and are a fan of horror, you should definitely give it a watch.


So What Can We Expect From This Game and When Will it Come Out?

<em>Friday the 13th</em>, another classic horror movie, has gotten the video game treatment thanks to Diversion3 Entertainment.
Friday the 13th, another classic horror movie, has seen the video game treatment thanks to Diversion3 Entertainment.

So, what exactly can we expect out of this video game adaptation and will the company, Diversion3 Entertainment, be the ones to truly make it great?

Well, there is some good news, as this developer is known for taking classic horror properties and making them into good, and at times horrifying adaptations. Diversion3 Entertainment is the studio behind the horror video game adaptations for Friday the 13th and Evil Dead.

The gaming community is assured based on these prior works that we should have a pretty good video game adaptation on our hands. The title will showcase the “characters and creatures”, according to Diversion3 Entertainment, and based off their resume, there’s a good chance it will capture what made Barbarian great.

So, when exactly are we getting this game? Well, there has not been a release date announced, which means that the game is under early development. But that’s a good thing, as hopefully they’re taking their time to truly capture what made the movie so scary, as well as making it a fun and spine-tingling adventure along the way.

Tim Hesse, executive producer over at Diversion3 Entertainment said this:

“We’re very excited to work with the team at New Regency to expand on the settings, characters and creatures of Barbarian.

The film did a magnificent job of not only scaring audiences with its unexpected and horrifying twists and turns, but also in establishing strong characters thrown into terrifying situations. We look forward to exploring these themes further in the game.

Yariv Milchan, chairman and CEO of New Regency Pictures who is associated in the making of the Barbarian game had to say this:

Expanding the ‘Barbarian’ universe into gaming provides a new way to capture the horror that made the film such a success. We’re thrilled to collaborate with the incredibly talented team at Diversion3 Entertainment to immerse new and existing fans in this world.

Based off of those, it truly seems like the developers are excited to bring the lore and world building that Barbarian started and to the small screen for millions of more people to enjoy.

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