Developers of Friday the 13th Video Game Give Fans Last Content Update in Run-up to Game’s Closure Due to Right’s Issues

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In preparation for the all-too-soon closure of the Friday the 13th video game servers and delisting of the video game from all marketplaces, developer Illfonic has pushed their final update for gamers. This update is free for everyone, and under different circumstances would be readily considered the best, most gamer-favoured move ever. Unfortunately, as it is, it’s a move that has been forced upon the developers, through no fault or choice of their own.


Friday the 13th Video Game Most Gruesome Murder will be Itself

Friday the 13th video game

For anyone unaware, the Friday the 13th video game is an asymmetrical multiplayer game, in the same veins of Dead by Daylight and Evil Dead. Whilst not as polished as the former, it can’t be argued that the game is incredibly fun. There’s a lot of good, and some bad, to be said about the Friday the 13th video game, from it’s sometimes choppy animations, to the over-the-top gore and hilarious reactions people have as you’re stalking them through the darkness.


Many questioned the odd choice to effectively allow Jason to teleport, a power he never sported throughout the film franchise, but without it the game would have been a cakewalk for the survivors. Just like other asymmetrical serial killing games, the Friday the 13th video game is made by the people you play with. And that’s coming to an end.

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Due to game’s licensing agreement coming to an end, the game will be removed from marketplaces on December 31, 2023, followed by the closure of all servers sometime the following year. Now this isn’t ideal, but it is an unfortunate side effect of smaller studios making licensed video games, as when it comes time for renewal, it may not be viable for either side of the deal to re-sign.


That’s not to say Illfonic are to blame in this, far from it. After all, if the playerbase and revenue were there, arguably they may have found themselves better placed to resign for another licensing period. It is sad though that many years of blood, sweat and failed escapes will be coming to an end for something so far out of an individual gamer’s hands.

Friday the 13th Video Game’s Last Big Update

Friday the 13th video game

As already mentioned, the developers Illfonic have decided to give back to the community that has supported them in the six years since the game launched back in 2017. Anyone that has played the game will attest to the serious grind needed to unlock some of the bigger and better rewards/perks/suits etc, but not anymore.


Thanks to this generosity from the developers, even with the game coming to an end everyone logging on for one final time will be greeted with a complete and open choice of what perks, suits, kills and more they want to use. Many developers barely announce major changes or cancelations to their games, let alone give away this sort of content.

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Giving everyone the same level playing field with regards to what’s usable will no doubt make the last few months of the game a considerable amount of fun, but as with anything, the fun will have to end soon. No official date has been given as to the game’s server closures, but whether it’s for the final trophies/achievements needed or just to experience one more blood-pumpingly terrifying escape, it may be time to fire up the Friday the 13th video game one more time.

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