‘As soon as that call comes, I’m there’: WB Hasn’t Asked Barry Keoghan’s Joker To Return in The Batman 2

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Fans of The Batman franchise were pleasantly surprised by Barry Keoghan’s performance as the Joker, a wild evildoer, and Batman’s archenemy, in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, as they got to see a new take on the legendary supervillain.

The Batman star Barry Keoghan
The Batman star Barry Keoghan

Matt Reeves’ superhero origin film deconstructs the story of a young Batman who is repeatedly outwitted by an emerging villain. After wreaking havoc on most of Gotham, the Riddler now waits in the shadows of prison, sharing the minutes with the Joker. Meanwhile, Gotham crumbles beneath ashes and ruins, but its hero stands against the stark horizon of a new day, assisting, reaching out, and contributing to whatever human ability possible.

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Barry Keoghan wasn’t approached for the sequel yet

Although only appearing briefly in the last moments of The Batman, Keoghan’s Joker was recently named one of the best on-screen Jokers.“There were seven and I was number four,” he explained in an interview. “Lads, with four minutes of screen time, not bad eh!?”

A deleted scene from the film provided viewers a closer look at this new Joker, who had lost hair, bleeding nails, and severe facial scars and deformities. While this tease seemed to imply that fans might expect to see more of him in upcoming projects, Warner Bros. has yet to greenlight the joker’s role in The Batman 2, and Keoghan has yet to receive an invitation to reprise his role as the Joker. “As soon as that call comes, I’m there man, I’m there.” he insisted.

The Batman 2
Barry Keoghan as The Joker

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Keoghan, however, had first sought to be cast as the Riddler, even going so far as to record an unsolicited audition tape of himself in the character. With director Matt Reeves developing an Arkham Asylum series, we might see Keoghan’s Joker appear there next.

Expectations from The Batman sequel

The Batman was an instant success since it probed a sadistic goriness that has become increasingly rare on-screen these days. It was an unregulated excavation of the human psyche that broke under the downpour of despair and decided to drown a city to make the suffering heard. The Batman appears to flawlessly represent every facet of Wayne’s storyline, from his detective skills to his frustrations with having to rescue the city.

Robert Pattinson FandomWire
Robert Pattinson in The Batman

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The Batman 2 must go further than this in order to live up to the redemption story that has been so obviously foreshadowed. It must see Batman realize that Bruce Wayne is essential and necessary for Gotham City as well – and devote as much care and effort to building that identity as he does to the one he adopts when he stalks the night. Such an approach would enable The Batman 2 to be quite unlike Batman’s story previously told, with Matt Reeves fully showcasing how distinct his vision of the Dark Knight actually is.

Although Warner Bros. has formally announced a sequel to The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, no release date has been set. The Batman is now available on HBO Max.

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