Batman Beyond Sequel: 7 Reasons We Need A New Show

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A Batman Beyond sequel show could further explore the adventures of a new Batman in the futuristic Neo-Gotham. Here’s why making a Batman Beyond sequel makes sense.


Michael Keaton’s Return To The Bat-Verse

Michael Keaton

In 1989’s The Batman, Michael Keaton played Bruce Wayne. And the rest, ladies and gentlemen, is history. More than three decades later, the legendary actor returns to play the same role in again in DCEU’s The Flash movie. Keaton’s return to the DC arena signals new things for the whole DC universe. Keaton just so happens to be of the right age to voice the older Bruce Wayne in A Batman Beyond sequel series.

The Hype Still Lives

A Beloved Show Even After All These Years

If you think fans are done with the idea of a Batman Beyond sequel, you are sorely mistaken. Even though we have not seen another episode for around two decades, Batman Beyond remains a cult-favorite. The show expanded on the Batman mythos in ways we never thought was possible. And it looked good while doing it. A new show could take the same direction, experimenting with new plotlines that would not be possible in a regular Batman animated series.


Batman Beyond Sequel Could Introduce More Intriguing Villains


From introducing intriguing villains like Shriek and Inque to giving intriguing takes on classic villains like the Joker King and the Royal Flush Gang, Batman Beyond did a bang on job on introducing new age villains. A Batman Beyond Sequel could do just that and more. Every new Batman Beyond villain ended up becoming a very prominent part of the villains roster in DC Comics. The sequel show could carry on that legacy.

A Futuristic Daredevil Of The DC Universe

DC’s Daredevil

Believe it or not, Terry McGinnis has more in common with Matt Murdock than Bruce Wayne. Like Daredevil, Terry likes to get to the heart of every problem and get his hands dirty on his quest for justice. Unlike Batman who sees everything black and white, Terry knows, just like Daredevil does, that life is grayer than one would think. Besides, Neo-Gotham looks like a perfect, more advanced version of Hell’s Kitchen with its sprawling crime spree and way too many crime lords. A Batman Beyond Sequel could become DC’s animated counter to MCU’s Daredevil.

Lead To A DC Animated Multiverse

DCAU Multiverse

Now that the multiverse concept is taking hold in both Marvel and DC movies, it is merely a matter of time before the DCAU too catches the bug. The DC Animated Universe is vast and endless, with so many movies and shows that have the potential to be inter-connected. Imagine Kirk Langstrom, the vampiric Batman from Gods and Monsters or Harley Quinn from the hit animated show, makes an appearance in the Batman Beyond Sequel.


A Batman Beyond Sequel Will Help Complete An Unfinished Story

Terry McGinnis

There is a general consensus that Batman Beyond ended on a very abrupt note. WB Animated and DC decided to cancel the show for the most bizarre of reasons. The story was only getting thicker and more interesting when the series itself was shelved. A Batman Beyond sequel show must give us some form of closure. Also, we need to see Bruce rightfully embracing Terry as his true successor to carry on the Dark Knight’s legacy.


HBO Max – DC Partnership

DC has made a deal with HBO Max where most of its content will be exclusively streamed over the service. HBO Max just so happens to be one of the biggest players in the streaming services department. A Batman beyond sequel show could benefit from this HBO Max partnership. Given the loyal fan-base the show still enjoys, HBO Max could also profit from a sequel project based on the life and times of the Batman of Neo-Gotham.

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