After Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck Reportedly Signed New Batman Contract to Appear in Multiple DCEU Projects

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Rumors have long pointed to the return of Ben Affleck as DCEU’s definitive Batman. While the future cannot be ascertained, one thing is for sure — the franchise is aiming for a kind of revival never seen before. Perhaps having learned from earlier mistakes, there have now been attempts of listening to the fans and adhering to what they want.

Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).
Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

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With Henry Cavill’s speculated comeback now seeing its fruition, the return of Batfleck for multiple endeavors, beyond The Flash and Aquaman 2, may not sound too far-fetched. Alas, one has to keep in mind that the former was made possible by the relentless efforts put in by Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson. The latter statement stems from claims made by several Internet scoopers.


Did Ben Affleck Sign A New DCEU Contract?

According to the Twitter account Home of DCEU via deuxmoiworld, the Hollywood talent, who is returning to embody the moniker of Batman in two upcoming DC Extended Universe films, has been signing contracts in Burbank, which would allow him “to dress up as a Bat.” While the validity of such reports cannot be confirmed, it’s quite interesting, to say the least.

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne

When it comes to major franchises, nothing is ever quite set in stone. Ben Affleck‘s return is perhaps one of the biggest examples to substantiate such a claim. Back in 2019, the actor affirmed that he was retiring from the role of the Caped Crusader and it was about time someone else had a shot.

Then, in the next year, reports started flooding in about Batfleck’s one last return in the Ezra Miller-led endeavor The Flash. In 2022, the fans were rewarded, yet again, with another piece of news that reignited hope and led some to believe in a proper restoration of SnyderVerse. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, too, will see Ben Affleck reprise the fan-favorite iteration of the Defender of Gotham.


With such back-and-forth of news that emulates an emotional rollercoaster, the establishment of Affleck’s Batman as the definitive one remains speculative. It is quite possible. However, whether or not Warner Bros. Discovery and CEO David Zaslav are willing to take the step is a question for another day.

Ben Afleck and Jason Momoa reshooting Aquaman 2
Ben Affleck will return in Jason Momoa’s Aquaman 2

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Let’s just say, if the rumors are indeed true and have some credibility to them, combined with Henry Cavill’s confirmed return in Black Adam, the 10-year-plan for DCEU, as proposed by Zaslav, might lead to tremendous narrative and commercial revival of the franchise; one that can parallel the likes of the MCU.


With that in mind, what could the future essentially point to with elements like these to account for?

What The Fans Want From Henry Cavill And Ben Affleck

What the recent developments mean for the two talents

Much like how Dwayne Johnson claimed that Henry Cavill‘s Superman – the most powerful and unstoppable force in the entire universe – has been on the sidelines for too long, the same can be stated for Affleck’s Batman whose run as Batman was not a pleasant one. Some plans sadly did not come to fruition. A lot was left unsaid and fans believed that both the iterations portrayed by the two actors should be given their due justice.

While the desire to see the solo Batman film directed by the Gone Girl alum, where he faces off against Deathstroke, is strong in the hearts of many, DC enjoyers also want both Cavill and Affleck to star in a Superman-Batman film, specifically a Batman and Superman: World’s Finest movie.

Batman & Superman: World's Finest
Batman & Superman: World’s Finest

Fans have also, of course, wanted a proper, full-blown restoration of Zack Snyder’s DCEU narrative. Many believe that the vision the famed director had for the future of the franchise was enthralling, with his iteration of the story being far from over. Therefore, certain passionate Snyder loyalists also wish to see Cavill and Affleck be a part of the SnyderVerse narrative once again. As for now, though, such wishful thinking has not found any solid ground besides rumors and – you guessed it – more rumors.

As hopes are as high as ever, it should be noted that The Flash – which shares few elements from the comic-book storyline of Flashpoint, might no longer introduce a reboot to the entire DCEU, as alleged by several sources. With the endeavor marking a deep exploration of the cinematic franchise’s multiverse, anything and everything becomes possible.

Ben Affleck talks about addiction
Ben Affleck’s DCEU future

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The premise of the Ezra Miller-starring film may bring about a plethora of narrative opportunities that can successfully incorporate both Cavill’s Superman and Affleck’s Batman.

It will, hence, soon be revealed whether the alleged contracts that Ben Affleck is busy signing will mount up to his increased involvement in the DC Extended Universe or if he will merely be given the cameo treatment in the upcoming two films he is set to star in.

Ben Affleck is set to make his appearance in The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, both of which are slated for a 23 June 2023 and 25 December 2023 release, respectively.


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