10 Best Superhero Video Games of All Time

PlayStation fans have had great news this week. The critically acclaimed Spider-Man game is getting a PS5 exclusive sequel focusing on Miles Morales.


But it’s going to be a little while before we get to play that.


So, until then, here are ten of the best superhero video games of all time to keep you occupied.

10. Spider-Man 2

spider man 2
Developed by Treyarch

Back in 2004, we were still at the mercy of Tobey Maguire. His Spider-Man was the inspiration for this game and it was loosely based on the second movie.


Up until only recently, this was the only game that managed to capture the web-swinging element of the character.

Featuring a large open world and a plethora of villains, this game truly allowed you to feel like you were in control of the iconic web-slinger.


9. The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

incredible hulk 1
Developed by Radical Entertainment

This game is undoubtedly a lot of fun.

Featuring the Hulk at his very best, and most obvious, this game lets you smash up a lot of things.


The perfect game to play as a kid, you can practically destroy almost everything. And it’s a great way to let off some steam.

8. Infamous


infamous 1
Developed by Sucker Punch Productions

Infamous has pride of place for being the only independent franchise on the list.

The hero of the story is Cole, a biker who gains the power to control electricity.


The gameplay is solid and the story is also great. But the most unique and defining feature of the game is its good and evil system.

As you play the game, you can make either heroic or villainous decisions that effectively dictate whether you come out of the game as a hero or a villain.


It’s a great add-on to the already action-packed story.

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7. Marvel Ultimate Alliance

marvel ultimate alliance 1
Developed by Raven Software & Barking Lizards Technologies

This is another game that relies on its simplicity and fun.

Marvel has a huge backlog of characters and you’d be hard-pressed to find a wider variety of them in this game.


You can assemble your own dream teams, customize costumes, and play in some recognizable locations. A basic beat-em-up game, but probably Marvel’s best.

6. X-Men

best superhero games
Developed by Konami

This is a nostalgic game for those who are old enough.


One of the most iconic arcade games, it no doubt helped put the X-Men on the map.

Back in the day, you could even find one of these allowed up to six players to play together at one time.


5. Injustice 2

injustice 2 1
Developed by NetherRealm Studios

Injustice 2 builds on the success of the first game and adds a tonne of new, exciting features.

Beyond expanding the story and adding a new roster of characters, but the options for customization were expanded and the fighting mechanics honed.


A new daily events system was incorporated, also.

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4. Batman: Arkham Knight

Best Batman Game
Developed by Rocksteady Studios

It would be hard not to include the Arkham games.

I did debate whether or not to limit it to one, but as this (in my opinion) a definitive list, it would be impossible not to.


Arkham Knight is the lowest ranking of the trilogy on the list but is no means a poor game.

The only reason that is now slightly higher is because of the poor mechanics of the Batmobile action.


3. Batman: Arkham Asylum

arkham aslyum 1
Developed by Rocksteady Studios

Arkham Asylum redefined the superhero video game.

It also, personally, educated me on Batman to a further degree than I already knew.


Beyond the great story and fun gameplay, the collectibles and side-missions are the stand-outs.

Fleshing out a world beyond the video game map, Arkham Asylum truly feels cinematic.


2. Spider-Man

best spiderman game of all time
Developed by Insomniac Games

Marvel took a while to catch up to the Arkham games, but Spider-Man is their answer. And it’s worth the wait.

It incorporates a lot of the gameplay elements that make the Arkham games so successful, but of course, we’re in a much lighter world.


Spider-Man is the polar opposite of Batman – a quippy, light-hearted fun hero and it’s the sheer joy we get from Spidey’s world that elevates this game.

1. Batman: Arkham City

arkham city 1
Developed by Rocksteady Studios

Arkham City remains the best of the Arkham bunch and is undoubtedly the definitive superhero video game.


The combat drives the story, the side missions are just as exciting as the main story and the world is truly its own living organism.

Featuring astonishing performances from Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy, Arkham City delivers a truly thrilling ride and still remains the best outing ever for the Caped Crusader.




Written by Oliver Swift

Oliver is a London-based writer who contributes to FandomWire, Animated Times, the Curzon Blog and Ollywood Reviews. His favourite superhero is Hawkeye and his favourite superhero movie is 'The Lego Batman Movie'.