“Bethesda might as well just stop releasing any patches…”: Fallout 4 Patch from Bethesda Considered Pointless as ‘modders will do it better’

Fans are hard to please.

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  • The Fallout 4 next-gen update was not what fans were expecting, and the feedback is not the best towards Bethesda.
  • Following the release of the most recent patch updates, many Reddit users expressed their lack of excitement.
  • Users also pointed out that the company shouldn't bother because the modders will do a better job.
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With the success of the TV adaptation, Bethesda timed the release of the next-gen upgrade for Fallout 4, but with mixed reception, many fans are not that convinced about the improvements that this update brought to the game. 


In the latest patch notes released by the studio as a post on Reddit, the response from the users was not very positive; some of them even said, What do they bother with? Mods will do a better job. The majority of users in the post agreed, leaving comments with similar thoughts about this free update.

Not All the Fans of Fallout 4 Loved the Next-Gen Update

Fallout 4 fans thinks that mods could make a better job than the next-gen update.
Fallout 4 fans thinks that mods could make a better job than the next-gen update.

Bethesda has been planning the next-gen update for a long time now. Thanks to the series, the update received a lot of attention, and many fans were playing the game again. However, not everyone in the community was satisfied with the outcome of the 2015 game update. Many users said that this particular addition was in conflict with previous mods added to the PC version of the title.


In a post on Reddit with the latest patch notes from the update, many users expressed their thoughts about the current state of the game regarding this next-gen free update.

byu/Turbostrider27 from discussion

The discussion quickly mentioned that the studio should not even bother about making this addition; modders will do a better job. This company’s titles, particularly Skyrim, have a long history of modding since their release.


Bethesda Did Not Do the Best Job With This Update, According to the Fans

Bethesda have just released the patch notes from a new update.
Bethesda has just released the patch notes from a new update.

This comment about how modders will do a better job was one of the most liked in the post, and the replies mention that on PC, the modders did an excellent job with graphics and all kinds of improvements to the visuals of Fallout 4. According to the players, this particular new update breaks any kind of mod, so it is not compatible with previous editions that were not part of the original files.

This complaint only applies to the PC users of the game; console players have just enjoyed this addition and upgrades to the title visuals. On the Reddit discussion, other players have even mentioned that they will not update the game and will just keep playing with the mods activated. Users even inquired about how to prevent Steam from automatically updating titles, ensuring the games remain unaffected.

Fallout 4 received the next-gen update on April 25 for PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. This update brought new features like ultrawide resolution compatibility, a new 60 fps mode, 120 Hz display compatibility, and many other additions to the current technologies. Fans have been requesting a new game in the franchise, and Bethesda has confirmed that they are shifting development to expedite this game’s release.


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