As Starfield Nears Release, Bethesda Prepare to Stealth Launch a New Update for Redfall to try and Boost Steam Concurrent Players from Measly 61


Bethesda looking to be helping out a friend in need, now that Starfield is nearing release. And in recent news, it looks like the publisher is trying to sneakily release an update for Redfall to try and entice players back to the game. Because let’s face it, looking at the numbers on Steam, they are pretty pathetic. And with a low 5/10 rating based on 1800 reviews you can see why the title needs all the help it can get.

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What are Bethesda doing to help?

Bethesda are planning an update on Redfall but will it be enough to get the numbers up?

An open world shooter which launched back in May 2023 for Xbox Series S/X and Windows, Redfall has received less than favourable reviews with many reviewers lamenting it’s gameplay, storyline and not forgetting the technical problems. And whilst it may not be on the same scale as the disastrous Cyberpunk 2077 launch of November 2020, many in the community are using it as a comparison to question why the game wasn’t ready at launch.

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So now that we’re literally days away from the Starfield launch, Bethesda are seemingly about to swoop in with a much needed update for Redfall. Sounds great, right? Well at the time of writing we still don’t know what the update will contain. Will they finally run at 60FPS? Are they going to introduce an offline single player mode? The fans want to know! What little fans are left that is.

And with the impending hype of Starfield, you have to wonder how quickly they will be to implement this update. The general consensus from the community is that they don’t expect it any time soon. Which means that more players will probably desert this title and who’s going to want an update for a game which only has a handful of players?

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Will the impending Bethesda update make any difference to Redfall?

And once the news was broken on the official Redfall socials, the feedback from the community was by the majority, less than enthusiastic. The major bane of contention for many being that the game doesn’t yet run on 60FPS but for some it was more the game itself;

“I enjoyed the game until I got to the second area after the tunnel. Total nosedive and unistalled.” – @Ibin_Nawtee

“Still haven’t done anything. I bet there are less than 100 people playing this game at any given point.” – @JustanRoseberry

“Just move on to the next product. no one wants to play Redfall, if had 9 concurrent players on steam the other night.” – @LeafsPassion24

That last comment may just be testament to how badly Redfall is regarded by the community. I mean only 9 concurrent players is an embarrassing stat that no game wants to be associated with. Will the update improve the game any? We’ll just have to wait and see but we’re not holding our breath on this one.

But what’s your thought on the latest news for Bethesda? Do you think that this planned update will help improve Redfall? Or do you think it’s just too little, too late with this title? Get in touch, drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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