Beverly Hills Cop 4: Eddie Murphy Returns to Long-Awaited Sequel in Latest Trailer

Beverly Hills Cop 4: Eddie Murphy Returns to Long-Awaited Sequel in Latest Trailer


  • Eddie Murphy remains one of the most beloved actors in all of Hollywood.
  • Murphy, despite being a talented musician, had his breakthrough thanks to the Beverly Hills Cop film franchise
  • The trailer for Eddie Murphy 4 which recently released, shows the actor take up the mantle of Axel Foley after a huge gap.
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Eddie Murphy is undoubtedly one of the most beloved actors/comedians of all time, thanks to his ability to keep himself fresh over the years. His run on Saturday Night Live is what cemented his status as a comedian. Speaking of the actor’s comedic prowess, the first trailer for Beverly Hills Cop 4 was finally released today, leading to a range of reactions.

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Eddie Murphy isn’t just a solid actor and comedian, he is a successful musician as well. That said, it is an established fact that he truly got his big break thanks to the Beverly Hills Cop franchise.


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Beverly Hills Cop

Eddie Murphy Finalls Returns As Axel Foley In The First Trailer For Beverly Hills Cop 4

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Beverly Hills Cop 2

Eddie Murphy has been part of all Beverly Hills Cop films so far, with the last one having released way back in 1994. Netflix has unveiled the trailer for Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, marking the fourth installment of the well-loved franchise. In this latest installment, Murphy reprises his role as Axel Foley, a Detroit cop navigating the intricacies of crime-solving in Beverly Hills. Judge Reinhold and John Ashton are returning alongside Murphy, resuming their roles as local cops Lt. Billy Rosewood and Sgt. John Taggart.


The trailer is a major hit of nostalgia for fans of the franchise, as Eddie Murphy is up to his wise-cracking self while stopping crime. The trailer was chock-full of action and comedy – a staple of the series. That appears to be a great indication of the kind of ride fans are in for, as far as Beverly Hills Cop 4 is concerned.


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Eddie Murphy Messed Up His Back While Shooting Beverly Hills Cop 4

Eddie Murphy will be Axel again after so many years, which made fans wonder how well he could do stunts in the film. After all, Murphy is currently 62 years old and is certainly not the spring chicken he once was.

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Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F

While speaking to People about what it was like returning to the franchise, Murphy noted that he had to get very physical during the shooting. This ended up affecting him badly, as he even messed up his back.

“It’s a really physical movie and I had to do some physical stuff,” he said. “I like to be on the couch, I don’t like to be jumping over and shooting and running. And I had to do some jumping and shooting and running. And as a result … at the end of the movie, I had a knee brace and my back is messed up. But the movie is gonna be special.”

Adding fresh faces to the Beverly Hills Cop universe are Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Kevin Bacon. The cast also includes Taylour Paige, portraying Foley’s estranged daughter, injecting a new dynamic into the narrative. Additionally, the film features Paul Reiser, Bronson Pinchot, and Mark Pelligrino, contributing to the ensemble cast and promising an exciting continuation of the beloved franchise. The film is set to drop on Netflix next year, so we’ll have to wait to see how it will turn out.


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