Biggest Betrayal in One Piece is Yet to Come- Akainu aka Sakazuki’s Sword Tattoo is a Horrible News For the Marines

Theory Claims Akainu is Actually a Member of SWORD in One Piece.

Biggest Betrayal in One Piece is Yet to Come- Akainu aka Sakazuki's Sword Tattoo is a Horrible News For the Marines


  • Akainu, also known as Sakazuki, is the Marines' current Fleet Admiral, succeeding Sengoku.
  • He was one of the three Admirals who, throughout the entire series, were arguably the most ardent supporters of Absolute Justice.
  • But according to one theory, Akainu is actually a member of SWORD and his actions and character are merely a front.
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Akainu, also known as Sakazuki is the current Fleet Admiral of the Marines, succeeding the previous Fleet Admiral, Sengoku. He is also one of the most cunning and devious characters from the series which was seen by his manipulation during the Marineford arc. Many One Piece fans hate him as he is the one who killed Ace.

Akainu – One Piece

During the first half of the series, he was one of the three Admirals who were perhaps the strictest adherents of Absolute Justice in the entire series, to such an extent that his violent extremism forced his fellow Admiral Aokiji to stand against him being promoted to Fleet Admiral and resign from the Marines when the attempt failed.

However, one theory claims that Akainu’s behavior and nature are just a ruse and he is actually a member of SWORD, which if true would be the biggest betrayal in One Piece history. This would not only shock One Piece fans but also be a big turning point in the storyline of One Piece.


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Secret Special Squad SWORD in One Piece

SWORD, the Marine Headquarters Secret Special Force, is made up of Marines who have formally resigned from the organization’s actual command structure but continue to work for it. Kuzan claims that SWORD members “are Marines, but also not.” 

They have handed in their identity codes and tendered their resignations on paper, but in practice, they are still able to function as members of the Marine forces and maintain their loyalty. SWORD members are able to do as they please and disobey orders without facing consequences. 

SWORD - One Piece
SWORD – One Piece

This allows them to undertake missions that are typically prohibited or would require authorization. Members of the group include Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, X Drake, and Koby, among other prominent figures in the Marine Corps. A theory suggests that Akainu is also a member of the SWORD and operates in secrecy.

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Theory States Akainu is Also a Member of SWORD

One Piece fans may not know this but Akainu has a sword tattoo on his right shoulder and this has led to the development of a theory. The theory claims that Akainu is a SWORD member and he has been most probably leading them. He is just acting to be the adherent of absolute justice. 

Akainu's Sword Tattoo
Akainu’s Sword Tattoo

It has been seen in various instances how frustrated he is by the orders he gets from his superiors. So founding or leading a marine squad that can bypass the rules would make absolute sense. He will continue to obey orders while SWORD executes missions on his order.

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It is known that he hates Pirates to the core and the only thing stopping him from waging war on the entire pirate world is the government. So him leading an organization that can fight any Yonko whenever they want fits his vision. However, this is just a theory and his sword tattoo may not carry any significant meaning or emphasis behind it.


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