The Biggest Betrayals In The MCU So Far

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The MCU has a lot of alliances forged out of trust and confidence. But, because of the endless shifts that happen and the constant flow of events, some relationships are meant to be broken. There are so many unexpected betrayals in the MCU, and for some reason, they must be weighed objectively.


Certainly, some broken alliances were mended, yet some were better left in the past. Rivalries are also one reason why strong relationships falter and eventually come to an end. Here are some of the biggest betrayals that took place in the MCU:

Natasha Romanoff (Let Captain America And Bucky Escape)

Black Widow MCU


In the events of the airport battle in Captain America: Civil War, the audience witnessed how Natasha chose to let Captain America and Bucky go instead of catching them. Some may say that the Russian spy agent chose friendship over justice and that she betrayed Tony Stark and her entire team.

But, if we examine Natasha’s character development, she has grown to prioritize humanity over her missions. This presented a new impression on her character. All her life, she follows orders, but this time, she gets to decide what to believe in.

Sharon Carter (Power Broker)

Sharon Carter MCU


Sharon has definitely changed over the past 5 years after the Thanos incident. Because of her need to survive and protect herself, she had to make underground dealings for her own gain. This is the complete opposite of the Agent 13 that we got to know in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

At the end of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, we saw Sharon accept a job offer from the Central Intelligence Agency. This move will only allow her to exercise her privileges as a Power Broker.

Agatha Harkness (All Along)

Agatha Harkness MCU


Agatha seemed like a quirky, harmless neighbor to Wanda Maximoff and Vision who genuinely wanted to be their friend. Later on, she started appearing out of nowhere and became very privy to their lives. It turns out that Agatha is responsible for all this witchcraft madness.

The mystery that surrounds the show brings out the character’s charm. The fact that Agatha has been backstabbing Wanda and causing all the chaos inside Westview while taking everything under control makes her character more terrifying than she appears to be.

Erik Killmonger (Childhood Trauma)

Killmonger MCU


The Black Panther movie has the name betrayal plastered all over its plot. Brothers became enemies, and trust between families was broken. This happens a lot more than we know.

That traumatic past ignited Killmonger to claim what he believes is his right. History repeats itself as a blood feud emerges again. This kind of betrayal has a deep-seated cause that also showed the ugly yet true nature of Wakanda.

Mysterio (Peter Parker’s Mentor)



A betrayal from the person we look up to is always the most painful. After Tony’s tragic death, Peter Parker found a new father figure and mentor in Quentin Beck.

Just when he thought he genuinely wants to help him, he revealed his true intentions. Mysterio took advantage of Peter’s current state of emotion to fulfill his evil plans.


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