Iron Man: 5 Worst Ships In The Movie Trilogy


Ever since Iron Man debuted in 2008, it has created a link that unites all Marvel Cinematic Universe films and characters. The Iron Man trilogy has a lot of characters that show different relationships and the price they pay. Some partnerships are good, and some are not meant to last.

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A good relationship must have trust and confidence between two parties. Some friendships formed in the movie lacked these traits, thus ensued a bad ‘break-up’. Below is a list of the most popular ships, as fans usually call them, from the Iron Man trilogy and why they are a bad pairing.


Aldrich Killian & Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts

The Aldrich Killian that we knew from the movie was the result of Tony Stark’s past mistakes. After nursing a bruised ego, Aldrich started his own company and came back stronger. His plan of revenge against Tony was to use Pepper Potts, who has now become the CEO of Stark Industries.


Aldrich was confident that Pepper would consider his offer because they worked together in the past. He tried to persuade her into joining his Extremis project but she was smart to refuse. Desperate to carry out his plans, Aldrich abducted her to become one of his test subjects.

Tony Stark & Phil Coulson

Agent Phil Coulson Iron Man


These two started out on a rough patch, and even after working with each other a couple of times through SHIELD, they still won’t get along. Phil Coulson has been dealing with superheroes for most of his career, yet he still couldn’t get Tony’s confidence.

But, whatever is throwing off their chemistry does not stem from something personal. Of all the people in the SHIELD headquarters, Tony was the most affected after Coulson’s death.


Maya Hansen & Aldrich Killian

Maya Hansen Iron Man

Maya worked for Aldrich to help kick start the Extremis project. Its initial purpose was to serve as a body healing program, but the system was too unstable to test on human subjects. Yet, they still proceeded, and many volunteers exploded from too much pressure.


Aldrich used this project for his own good, and when it worked in his favor, he had no longer use for Maya. She tried to convince him to stop and wait until it is safe to use, but he was already unstoppable.

Justin Hammer & Ivan Vanko

Ivan Vanko Iron Man


This pair is a funny duo when you watch all of their interactions. Justin Hammer, the comedic villain, and Ivan Vanko, the forgotten antagonist, made a deal to bring Tony Stark down. Using all of his resources, Justin gave everything Ivan wished for, including his pet bird.

But Ivan has a different plan, and he tricked Justin into thinking he would deliver the project just as they discussed.


Obadiah Stane & Tony Stark

Obadiah Stane Iron Man

Now, this is the worst ship of all – a backstabbing friend who would try to kill Tony for the sake of profit. Obadiah is a good friend of Tony’s father, Howard, and has been Tony’s trusted partner both in life and at work.


Obadiah wanted to take over the Stark Industries company so he went to extreme lengths to fulfill his selfish ambitions at the stake of his friendship with Tony.


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