Biggest Marvel vs. DC Dream Battles That Officially Happened In Comics (& Who Won)

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We all long to see a good old fashioned Marvel vs. DC fight. These epic Marvel vs. DC battles actually happened in the comic books under official supervision. We already have victors.


Lobo vs. Wolverine – Winner: Wolverine

Lobo Fights Logan

DC’s Main Man fights Marvel’s Wild Animal in this battle. The fights breaks out as a bar brawl at one of Lobo’s favorite outer space hangouts. Lobo gets the first strike, hitting Logan on his chest with his chain. Wolverine later counters by pinning Lobo, incapacitating him. The rest of the fight happens off-screen but we later see Logan come out and take a puff of of Lobo’s cigar. This was one of the most controversial Marvel vs. DC showdowns because Lobo is a guy who regularly goes toe to toe with Superman.

Quicksilver vs. The Flash – Winner: The Flash

Flash Fights Quicksilver

The Living Tribunal and the Spectre, realizing that battles between their champions would be exhaustive and drawn out, made a decision to identify the winner. Whichever hero manages to immobilize the other in a fight will be the de facto winner. Wally West and Marvel’s Quicksilver were two of the fastest beings of their respective universes. But the Flash is on a whole new level so it would be foolish to think Quicksilver could ever out-run him in a Marvel vs. DC battle.


Shazam vs. Thor – Winner: Thor

Thor Fights Shazam

The World’s Mightiest Mortal fights the God of Thunder in this epic Marvel vs. DC deathmatch. Shazam has the fight tilted to his favor for the most part. He begins by slinging a Ferris Wheel at Thor. Thor dodges the attack and traps Shazam under the debris. Shazam escapes by changing back to Billy Batson. But Thor stops him from changing back to Shazam by absorbing the mystic lightning bolt that turns Billy Batson into a superhero.

Green Lantern vs. Silver Surfer – Winner: Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer Fights Green Lantern

The two heroes had already teamed up to defeat Thanos and Parallax in Unholy Alliances. So it was with a heavy heart that the two started trading punches in this fight, knowing full well that they are fighting an ally to save their own universe. Kyle Rayner threw everything he had at the Surfer. His intricate willpower projections ended in a massive green tinted explosion. The Silver Surfer emerged victorious from that battle.

Hulk vs. Superman – Winner: Superman

Hulk Fights Superman

While trying to chase down the villainous Metallo, Superman encounters the Marvel’s Jade Giant. The two heroes soon find themselves in the Grand Canyon where they fight to decide who’s the strongest. The Hulk at that time was being controlled by the Bruce Banner persona. So he had retained his intelligence in his green goliath form. A mullet brandishing Superman fought Hulk, delivering a flurry of punches that left him debilitated and then dropped a mountain on him. The Hulk faced a humiliating defeat that day.


Wonder Woman vs. Storm – Winner: Storm

Storm Fights Wonder Woman

To be fair, Wonder Woman decided to pull her punches to give Storm of the X-Men a fair fight. By the time the fight happened, Wonder Woman had picked up Mjolnir and along with it, all the abilities that came with it. Giving it all away in the name of honor was her biggest mistake. Wonder Woman managed to give Storm a run for her money using just her base abilities till Storm unleashed everything she had on her. With a barrage of lethal lightning bolts, Wonder Woman stood defeated.

Batman vs. Captain America – Winner: Batman

Batman Fights Captain America

Both are tactical geniuses and close combat experts. Their strategic mindsets make them combat beasts. While Captain America is blessed with peak human physical conditions thanks to the super soldier serum, Batman trains his body, honing it to perfection. In the Marvel Versus DC crossover event, Batman and Captain America fought for hours and hours. The exhaustive hand to hand combat session ended with Batman wiping the floor with Steve Rogers.


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