Infamous Bill Clinton Kid Teases Appearance at The Game Awards 2023

The infamous Bill Clinton kid teases another appearance, this time at The Game Awards 2023.


  • The infamous Bill Clinton kid teases an appearance at The Game Awards 2023.
  • Gamers are eager to see what games win the awards at The Game Awards 2023.
  • The Game Awards 2023 security team prepares for the worst as the security gets tighter to avoid any incidents.
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The Game Awards 2023 are only around the corner, and gamers worldwide are getting hyped for the potential announcements and awards that will be handed out during the show. However, some members of the public are slightly more excited than others, as the infamous Bill Clinton kid, also known as Matan Even, has teased a return this year.

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At the moment, we do not know when Matan Even will be making his appearance during The Game Awards 2023 or whether he is just attempting to grab attention on Twitter/X, but The Game Awards 2023 have already scaled up the security of the event to ensure that anyone looking to ruin the event will be stopped as soon as possible.


Who Is the Infamous Bill Clinton Kid, and How Did They Earn That Title?

Infamous Bill Clinton kid teases appearance at The Game Awards 2023
Infamous Bill Clinton kid teases appearance at The Game Awards 2023.

For those who may not know, the infamous Bill Clinton kid is a young man who took to the stage during The Game Awards 2022, when a select group of developers were receiving a reward for their hard work on a game that they had developed.

This took many by surprise, as this young man was able to casually walk up to the stage along with the developers and stand on stage behind them for quite some time before anyone noticed.


He was only noticed when he took to the microphone himself and decided to make a statement saying, “I nominate this award to my reformed orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton,” which for many reasons had some in the crowd laughing, whereas others were quite annoyed.

For many reasons, this is a very frowned upon action, as it ruins the experience of The Game Awards that some people have been waiting many years for and leads to circumstances like increased security and restrictions being added that could eventually mean that the event could go online only for spectators.


Sadly, this isn’t the only time that someone has rushed the stage in this method, as another member of the community during Gamescom 2023 rushed the stage, also stating that “Bill Clinton wants GTA 6” and causing the security team to also rush the stage to drag the gentlemen off the stage.

Why Has the Bill Clinton Kid Teased His Appearance During The Game Awards 2023?

Infamous Bill Clinton kid teases appearance at The Game Awards 2023
Gamers are eager to find out what games will win awards at The Game Awards 2023.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like these odd situations are coming to an end, as the infamous Bill Clinton kid has announced on Twitter/X in a rather mysterious way that he could be coming to The Game Awards 2023, but we do not know whether or not he will be attempting to rush the stage once again.


According to his quote tweet of a post from the official The Game Awards 2023 Twitter/X account, which is a video of Geoff Keighley hyping up the show’s start times, the infamous Bill Clinton kid has responded to the tweet by saying, “See You Tomorrow Geoff“.


So far, we do not know whether that implies he will be actually attending the show itself or if he is implying that he will see Geoff through his monitor at home via the YouTube stream, but what we do know is that the security team at the event will most likely be ready for any kind of intrusion to the event and will react swiftly to stop any stage rushers this year.

At the moment, we can only hope that the infamous Bill Clinton kid has learned his lesson and won’t rush the stage this year, ruining the event for everyone involved, but if he does, we can be sure that he will not be allowed to return any time in the future.


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