How to Watch The Game Awards and What We Expect

The show airs soon on all major social media platforms.

How to Watch The Game Awards and What We Expect


  • The Game Awards go live on 7th December, 7:30 PM ET.
  • The show will be aired on all major platforms.
  • The awards ceremony stays an important part of the industry.
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The Game Awards, a much-awaited awards show that acknowledges and honors some of the greatest games to come out in recent times, will soon air across major online platforms. The show is completely free to watch and will air on Thursday, December 7. 

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The ceremony’s website dives into detail about the show all the games to be mentioned and the people involved in important titles across the industry. The show will be live on platforms like Twitch, and YouTube, and will go on for 3 hours and 30 minutes. 


Where and when to watch the The Game Awards?

The Game Awards poster
The Game Awards will host major titles and developers from the industry, as they take the spotlight this year.

The Game Awards will be aired on Twitch, Facebook Live, Steam, X (Twitter), YouTube, GameSpot, IGN, Kick and Instagram Live. There are further platforms based on your region, which can be explored through The Game Awards website. The show starts at 7:30 PM ET / 4:30 PM PT / 12:30A+1 GM, so you better set your reminder on the platform of your choosing.


The 3.5-hour-long event will recognize and reward some of the most influential and important games that have come out in 2023. Also, fan favorites (which have earned their own category) will represent games that were loved by the community as well as critics.

Even if you miss the show, worry not; The Game Awards have a history of uploading important clips from the event to their YouTube channel. This includes clips of each major game award category and performances that were the highlight of the show. Furthermore, new trailers and announcements are expected to make it as video clips online too.


What are The Game Awards and what to expect?

The Game Awards 2023
The ceremony remains a crucial part of the industry that highlights video games as a major entertainment medium.

The Game Awards was originally the idea of Geoff Keighley, who has a reputation as one of the instantly recognizable figures in the industry. It all began in 2014 and has grown to become a massive event that brings into the spotlight the efforts and visions of several developers, actors, publishers, and related folks in the industry. In his career, Geoff Keighley has played the role of a host, producer, and video game journalist across various platforms. 

The website puts into words what makes The Game Awards so special:


We strive to recognize those who improve the wellbeing of the community and elevate voices that represent the future of the medium.

It also mentions how The Game Awards brings together people from different walks of life under a unified limelight. This helps make the ceremony bring out the platform’s true agenda; improving the industry’s position as an immersive and inspiring medium for entertainment. Not only is this important

Some of the categories for these awards include Game of the Year, Best Direction, Best Narrative, Best Performance, and Best Independent Game, among several others. There’s also a special place for the Player’s Voice award that puts a crown to a title that has been voted for by the players. At the time of writing, the votes are being tallied.


Huge games like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Alan Wake 2, amongst more, have already made it to the list as nominees for the Game of the Year award. We wonder who will take the crown this time around.

There are many speculations and rumors about some major titles being announced this time around, including DLCs for certain games. However, we’ll have to wait and watch which titles truly get a new reveal trailer and if there’s a chance of new IPs being introduced to any modern-gen consoles.


Furthermore, there are musical and other performances to be expected, based on the context of the show and how things are planned. Fans can also expect to see trailers of their ongoing games along with unexpected updates to highly-anticipated titles that will be released in 2024 or beyond. 

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