Billie Eilish Thanks Greta Gerwig For Being the “Most Talented B-tch in the World” After Being Awarded For Iconic ‘Barbie’ Song

Billie Eilish thanks Greta Gerwig for letting her write a song for Barbie

Billie Eilish Thanks Greta Gerwig For Being the “Most Talented B-tch in the World” After Being Awarded For Iconic ‘Barbie’ Song


  • Billie Eilish and Finneas worked together on Barbie soundtrack What Was I Made For?
  • The song received huge critical acclaim despite initially raising concern over its place in the Barbie universe.
  • Eilish believes that part of the credit goes to director Greta Gerwig, who found a way to seamlessly integrate it in the movie.
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Billie Eilish and Finneas are two of the most talented songwriters of recent times. Having collaborated on some massively successful tracks throughout their very new career, they have managed to get immense fame and respect, which is rightfully deserved. they have worked together and quite a few significantly well-known songs, however, none have had as big of an impact as their song for the blockbuster film, Barbie.

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Billie Eilish with her grammy awards
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For Greta Gerwig’s masterpiece, the two wrote the song, What Was I Made For?, A track that features in the emotional climax of the movie and tear-jerking it was. majority of audiences cried, but the song played in the film, is so beautifully composed and well-written. this is something that they were highly congratulated for, recently winning an award for the same. While accepting this award, Eilish gave honor to Gerwig in the most bizarre way possible.


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Billie Eilish Thanks Greta Gerwig

Billie Eilish and Finneas were recently awarded with the Film Song of the Year for What Was I Made For?, At Variety’s Hitmakers award ceremony. while receiving this award, the former gave a lengthy speech, talking about how this was a very big moment for her as a majority of the people in that room, were people she looked up to. She then went on to thank Greta Gerwig, the director of Barbie, in her classic way, being known for cussing a lot.

Billie Eilish in What Was I Made For?
Billie Eilish in What Was I Made For?

“I want to thank Greta Gerwig for being such a f*cking pro and being the most talented b*tch in the world, and I just feel very lucky we were even thought of to make this song, and I thank God it happened at all because I feel like it saved us from a creative meltdown.”

The singer started by saying that she was so thankful for the filmmaker being as good as she is at what she does. This is certainly well said, considering how much critical acclaim Gerwig has received for her filmmaking on all of her projects. Eilish then called her extremely talented and mentioned that she felt very lucky to be able to be part of the film the way she did. She even added that she and Finneas felt like they needed to write the song to save them from a creative meltdown.

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Billie Eilish Talked About The Controversy This Song Received Initial

Though this song became extremely popular after the release of Barbie, when it was first released, the reactions were completely different. Fans initially expected Barbie to be a fun and cute movie, so when the song was initially released, the reception was extremely critical. answer were confused as to why the song was so sad and why Billie Eilish was making it, having a reputation for writing emotional songs.

Billie Eilish in the video for "No Time to Die." | Photo: Youtube
Billie Eilish in the video for No Time to Die

“I remember everybody being like, ‘What the hell? It’s gonna be a fun, cute, girly, pink movie for the summer and we’re all going to be laughing. What the f*ck is Billie doing on the soundtrack? Why is there going to be a sad song? That doesn’t make any sense,” Eilish said. “And I remember just being like, ‘Guys. It’s not me, it’s the movie. The movie is f*cking sad!’”

The singer explained, that when she received this criticism, she was extremely frustrated, as she knew that the song needed to be emotional, not only because it would feature at that point in the movie, but also because the movie was quite emotional. However, she could not explain this, at the time, Eilish could not tell the audience that this movie was sad and social commentary, not pink and fun.


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