Black Adam Pays Homage to The Hulk With Iconic Thunderclap Amidst MCU Fans’ Frustration With Marvel Nerfing Down the Green Goliath in She-Hulk

Black Adam and Hulk
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When The Rock claimed that Black Adam would establish a new hierarchy, it was assumed that the actor was talking about the DC Extended Universe. But now, with a new short teaser release, the anti-hero seems to be making a thunderous statement echoing all the way to the halls of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Black Adam making more waves than MCU at the moment, fans are wondering if the subtle dig is meant to be a declaration of war or a show of respect.

Black Adam
The action intensifies in DCEU’s upcoming film, Black Adam

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Black Adam Introduces the Thunderclap to the DCEU

If The Rock‘s presence was already not an overpowering statement, his on-screen character now adds a flair reserved only for special occasions among the comic fandom. Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk was the first film to cinematically portray the thunderclap in live-action. Since then, the incredible power move signature to the Hulk has seemed consistently absent from any and all battles. But not anymore.

The Rock
The Rock pays tribute to Hulk’s thunderclap in the new Black Adam teaser

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The DC Extended Universe, DCEU for short, has quickly jumped to the occasion to swoop in for a quick moment and borrow the iconic offense strategy and put it to a worthy use in Black Adam. The Rock does more than just use the thunderclap in battle. In a teaser titled Darkness, the resounding move offers a throwback and a tribute to the strength of the Hulk from the original comics.

The Power of the Thunderclap: Hulk vs Black Adam

The power that the thunderclap possesses is often overwhelming enough to knock down a block in its radius. In the original comics, the move was quite often used by the Hulk to disorient his enemies in the heat of battle. The force of the thunderclap was described as so strong that its sound was likened to that of a sonic boom. Moreover, the clap also managed to create gusts of wind that would rival the strongest hurricanes or extinguish everything down to a blade of grass in its aftermath.

Black Adam thunderclap
Black Adam executes the Hulk-famed thunderclap in a battle sequence

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However, given the realistic setting of the MCU, a move as strong as a thunderclap would not be logistically possible, since the battles always take place in the midst of a city. Leveling blocks of metal and concrete and turning everything into rubble would not be considered heroic of the green Avenger. The only time the Hulk does execute it in battle is to extinguish a fire that was set to engulf a helicopter inside which General Ross and Betty Ross had been trapped. But the force of the clap was only strong enough to put out the flames.

In Black Adam, the setting of the thunderclap was a barren desert, perfect for the execution of a power move this strong. Additionally, not only does the clap immediately take out dozens of soldiers at once but the cinematic rendition of Black Adam performing the clap lends it a sonic wave-like quality as it permeates the radius of attack. If the DCEU indeed makes it the anti-hero’s signature move in the future, it would not be too bad to witness the power move being finally executed with the precision and perfection that it deserves.


Black Adam premieres on October 21, 2022.

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