“If Black Ops 6 actually does 9/11 then holy s**t”: Call of Duty’s Redacted Files Hint Treyarch Could be Gunning for Infinity Ward’s Infamous No Russian Controversy

Activision Blizzard loves to make headlines.

Call of Duty Alex Mason and No Russian Mission


  • Call of Duty Black Ops 6 could have a very controversial mission, according to an X user.
  • This user showed a screenshot with the text 2001; this could be referring to 9/11 being in the title.
  • The post also mentioned "No Russian," suggesting that Treyarch may be seeking a similar controversy to that of Infinity Ward in the past.
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Today, the official title of the next entry in one of the biggest franchises in video games was revealed: Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will be releasing this year. Treyarch is posting the first details about the game in a variety of formats and ways. Yesterday, the game unveiled two peculiar live-action teasers featuring the phrase “the truth lies.” 


Apart from this, a user on X spotted the year 2001 in one of the screenshots of the footage shown. The user also mentioned the infamous “No Russian” mission from Modern Warfare 2; this upcoming game could be aiming for the same controversy.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Presents a New Potential Controversy

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 could have a controversial No Russian-like mission that includes 9/11.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 could have a controversial No Russian-like mission that includes 9/11.

After many rumors about the name and what it will be about, Activision Blizzard has finally revealed the official title of the next entry in the FPS franchise. Fans eagerly anticipate the first reveal of the story and gameplay in the title, set to launch next month.


The previous teasers for the game revealed several details about a mysterious message pertaining to the main plot. On one of the websites that promotes this title, an X user found the year 2001 in one of the texts, possibly referring to the 9/11 terrorist attack.

This user suggested that the developers might be emulating Infinity Ward’s strategy by creating a mission as controversial as “No Russian.” If this title makes a mission with that particular setting, this could reach a new level of controversy for the game.


Following the “No Russian” Path May Not Work So Well

The mission from Modern Warfare 2 raised some eyebrows.
The mission from Modern Warfare 2 raised some eyebrows.

The user continued with his speculation, saying that the game is making a lot of publicity in New York. Other users replied to this, saying that it is a global campaign to spread the message of the game against the system. This kind of mission could be part of the game, but according to rumors and some characters that will appear in the game, the title will be set in the 1990s; if this is true, the dates will not be adding up.

The controversy resurfaced in the first remake of Modern Warfare and its third installment, featuring two highly politicized missions that depicted the killing of civilians in front of the players. In the previous Black Ops game, one of the main characters ended up making a very famous kill due to the brainwashing aspect that was part of the game’s plot. This event could potentially occur in the upcoming game.

After the Xbox presentation on June 9, the game will release its first official trailer and gameplay. In the details of the website, you can see a familiar name, Russell Adler, that could be appearing in this game; this character was also in Cold War. Players are hoping to see a more solid story mode than the one that was introduced in Modern Warfare 3 and was integrated into Warzone.


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