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Black Widow: 20 Fan Reactions To Florence Pugh’s Yelena

Black Widow was a real treat for all the Marvel fans out there. The movie was the best solo movie so far, and people cannot stop talking about it. Firstly, Natasha Romanoff, the skillful, badass hero finally got the screen time and spotlight she deserved. And secondly, needless to say, Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova brought a different energy to the incredible film. Fans have loved her and her character, and thus, are pouring their love for her. Take a look at this compilation of fan reactions to Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova.

Florence Pugh's Yelena

1. Florence Pugh has shown range of emotions in the movie and it got me thinking about all the other complex roles she can easily pull. I am excited to see more of her.

2. There couldn’t have any better actor who could have pulled off Yelena’s character any better way than Florence Pugh. There, I said it!

3. This moment where Yelena mocks Natasha and gives her signature pose was hilarious!  In addition to that, when she says “that was disgusting” after, made it even funnier.

4. This moment was the best to showcase their bond and connection as siblings. Also, it was such a heartwarming gesture.

5. Florence Pugh rightly portrayed Yelena’s emotions in the scene where she puts her head on Natasha’s grave. Just like they always did. Okay, I am gonna go grab tissues.

6. It’s clear that from all the fan reactions to Florence Pugh’s Yelena that they have absolutely loved her. And along with this user, everyone is also wising to see more of her as Yelena.

7. The moment she shows off her vest is absolutely adorable. And also, how stylish is her appearance! Her look was a style statement in itself.

8. Fans are already noticing the little details that highlight the siblings’ bond. Moreover, this scene has special place in our hearts.

9. The plethora of emotions displayed by both the stunning actors will leave you awestruck. However, fans seem to connect and appreciate more with the emotional scenes somehow.

10. It’s all over the internet and why shouldn’t it be! Because she deserves all the appreciation after the stunning performance she has delivered.

11. Yes, the fans are making it loud and clear!

12. The casting couldn’t have been any better. She fits the role with perfection and she has nailed it.

13. That’s the kind of love Florence Pugh’s Yelena is receiving. Also, solid effort!

14. This edit is accurate and it also shows almost all of her emotions throughout the movie.

15. This scene and the sibling duo are the best!

16. She has done such a marvelous job that I cannot tell the difference between the fictional character and the actor. It is as if Florence was always Yelena.

17. This must be on everyone’s mind, right? Also, thanks for putting it in words

18. I love how fans are appreciating the hard work and good presentation.

19. Since this came from a nonfan, it is huge.

20. As I said earlier as well, the casting for Yelena Belova has turned out to be a huge success. Fans almost want to go up to the casting director and thank for giving us such a “Beloved” Yelena.


Written by FandomWire Staff