Blade Theory: Blade Is After Wanda’s Darkhold For The Montesi Formula – Spell That Kills All Vampires

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Marvel’s Eternals gave us one of the most talked about post-credits sequences in Marvel Cinematic Universe history. Dane Whitman, after witnessing Sersi being kidnapped by Arishem in broad daylight, resorts to his own family legacy for an answer. As he uncovers the Ebony Blade and is about to succumb to its dark energies, a mysterious voice calls him out off screen. That voice is now confirmed to be Mahershala Ali, who will be playing Blade in a future MCU movie project. This Blade theory states that Blade has come to the MCU not specifically to recruit Whitman but to find his way to another powerful artefact. According to this Blade theory, Mahershala Ali’s Blade is in search for the Darkhold, which contains the Montesi Formula.

Mahershala Ali – Blade

How Is The Darkhold Connected To Vampires?

The Book Of Sins

Eons ago, the Elder God Chthon wrote all the dark spells he discovered and invented in indestructible parchments. These parchments were made out of real human flesh and they were later transcribed onto a tome of the codex type that is now infamously known as the Darkhold. The book is also called the Shiatra Book of the Damned and the Book of Sins by many cults and religions. The Darkhold is full of evil, dark, and corrupting magic and is said to hold the answer to any question but at a price.

Varnae – The First Vampire

Thousands of years later on Ancient Earth, Atlantis and Lemuria were at war. The warrior Kull killed the Lemurian Dark Sorceress Thusla Doom. Thulsa Doom’s followers – the Darkholders, used the Darkhold to resurrect a dying soldier named Varnae using an ancient spell of portent dark magic. Varnae became the first living vampire and he then infected other Darkholders to start his vampiric legion. The Darkhold was the key to the origin of vampires – Blade’s sworn enemies. Morgan le Fay than took the pages of Darkhold and bound it in a book during Arthurian times. That is how the Darkhold came to be as it looked like then in the MCU during WandaVision.


Does MCU’s Darkhold Confirm The Blade Theory?

Darkhold – MCU Blade Theory

From what we have seen so far, the Darkhold is an ancient scripture that Agataha Harkness just happened to come into possession of. When the other witches tried to oppose her rise, she took the Darkhold’s help to turn the tables on them. The many spells that the Darkhold grants include longevity, immunity from all diseases and even immortality for a price. Agatha Harkness holds the very modern version of Darkhold created by Agatha Harkness in the comic books. Moreover the origin of vampires via the Darkhold happens during the times when empires like Atlantis and Lemuria were at their peak. Atlantis will come into the picture thanks to Tenoch Huerta reportedly playing Namor.

Lemuria was a Kingdom that was governed by the Deviants, beings that have already been introduced in Marvel’s Eternals.

The Darkhold & The Montesi Formula

Darkhold Is The Key

The Darkhold holds countless spells that have been lost to the ages. The origins of not just vampirism but even lycanthropy are recorded in its pages. The book can even open portals to Limbo and summon elder gods like Chthon. It can also summon Darkforce and forcefully control an enemy against their will. But the most important spell in the Darkhold’s pages is without a shadow of a doubt – The Montesi Formula.

The Montesi Formula

The Montesi Formula is the key to defeating all vampires. The book not only created the blood-suckers but even has a spell that can kill them all in a single incantation. The magic spell was discovered by a monk named Montesi a millennia ago. The incantation goes something like this:

Blade Theory – No More Vampires?

Nosmo cobis…holo erasma rabis…katerama lucem…”

The only downside to the Montesi Formula spell is that the effects are not permanent. The spell can be broken and once done so, all vampires that were destroyed would be instantaneously resurrected.

Blade Theory – Blade Is About To Recruit Scarlet Witch Into The Midnight Sons

Scarlet Witch Reading The Darkhold

The Darkhold is an artefact that Wanda will probably never let go. Besides she is the foremost expert on using its spells and the various incantations written on it. The logical thing for Blade would be to recruit Scarlet Witch as a member of the Midnight Sons and make her cast the Montesi Formula, taking down all vampires once and for all. This Blade Theory does have a lot of holes in its armor but it sure sounds interesting the more we think about it.



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