Blast from The Past: Batman Beyond Episodes To Watch Before Neo-Year

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The series revolves around an all-new Batman named Terry. So what makes Terry and Bruce a different Batman? Here are some episodes from Batman Beyond worth visiting before the Neo-Year.


“Rebirth”: A revisiting of Batman Beyond would be incomplete without  “Rebirth.” After Bruce Wayne is done with crime-fighting and quits, Terry gets to know his identity and steals his bat-suit.  Bruce invites Terry into his world. He decides to train him as the all-new Batman of Neo Gotham.

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“Shriek”: Batman Beyond has some real unique villains, and Shriek is in the top tier. Controlling the destructive aspects of sound, Shriek can use the power of sound to do it all! He can manipulate sound in various ways. This ranges from blasting sonic waves to creating an absolute vacuum in a room. The latter essentially even leaves Batman completely deafened!

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“Dead Man’s Hand”: Bruce Wayne had many love interests. Catwoman is the most well-known out of them. In the episode “Dead Man’s Hand,” Terry falls for a girl called Melanie Walker. The problem arises when Terry gets to know that Melanie herself is part of the Royal Flush Gang. Terry finally sees the harsh reality of being Batman and how it also affects his life outside the suit.


“Spellbound”: Batman Beyond brings back classic villains in all-new ways. And if not, then the villain has to be all new and unique. Spellbinder is an example of such a villain! Spellbinder makes use of virtual reality to create illusions and trick people into committing crimes. The classic combination of technology and crime made Spellbinder a real hit in the series.

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“A Touch Of Curaré”: Barbara quickly became an integral supporting character to Terry in the series. She helps showcase several different angles to all the characters throughout the series and offers various solutions to Terry. She also goes against him when she thinks it’s required. This is because she holds her principles dear and has to operate inside the law. She truly showcases various new perspectives on the life of crime-fighting for Terry.

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“Splicers”: Gene manipulation, otherwise known as “splicing,” is as scary as it sounds! In this episode, it is the new trend at Hamilton High. Terry investigates these Splicers, battling with those with deadly animalistic traits. These include all! From a woman with cheetah claws to a man with cobra fangs ready to kill! This show also introduced Terry’s friend Max Gibson. It also showed the return of Man-Bat in a completely unexpected way.

Batman Beyond" Splicers (TV Episode 1999) - IMDb

“Earth Mover”: This episode is shockingly deep and tragic. The twists in ‘Earth Mover’ make up one of the most horrifying and captivating episodes of the whole series! “Earth Mover” is a story about the secrets of a monster. It covers the questions of where it came from and why. The writing of this particular character makes it memorable and worth revisiting.

Earth Mover

“The Eggbaby”: This episode grabbed the Emmy Award for a reason! “The Eggbaby” is undeniably comedic and well made! It is one of the most well-written episodes. For a project at his Family Studies class, Terry unwillingly has to carry around an “egg baby,” even while fighting crime! It is one of the silliest yet relatable episodes. It perfectly shows the pressure a high schooler has to face trying to balance his heroism and school life! 

The Eggbaby




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