The Batman Theory: Riddler Has Kidnapped Bruce Wayne & Live-Streaming His Death

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The Batman is still a while away from becoming the talk of the town. But that has not stopped the fans from trying to speculate what happens in the movie. The entire world seems to be focusing on No Way Home. But The Batman, which is just a few months away from hitting the screens is gaining new traction thanks to this new The Batman theory. This The Batman Theory proves that what one sees in the trailer can be very deceiving indeed. There’s more to it than what meets the eye in the Batman.

No More Lies

Here’s how.

The Batman Theory – Batman Is Still Green

Rookie Batman

Ben Affleck played a very mature and older version of Batman. He was scarred, emotionally, mentally, and physically. But he was a seasoned veteran who knew his way around Gotham. The one Robert Pattinson is playing in Matt Reeves’ the Batman is nowhere near as experienced. In his formative years, he is yet to meet many iconic Batman villains like the Joker, the Penguin, Two-Face, and of course – the Riddler. But it is not just that. Since Bruce is by and large a rookie in the ways of the vigilante, he is still unaware how deep and dark the roots of evil go into the bedrock of Gotham City.


As Bruce is unknown to the horrors of his city and his family’s history, it makes it even easier for the Riddler to target and take him down.

Why Will The Riddler Target Bruce Wayne?

The Riddler

Another major hint that the Riddler is after Bruce Wayne is because of the line in the trailer – “what’s black, white and red all over?… you”. This is a clear reference to the Dark Knight. There’s a blink and you miss it scene in the trailer that more or less confirms that the Riddler already knows Batman’s real identity. And the reason he goes to such extreme lengths to target Bruce Wayne is because of Bruce’s father – Thomas Wayne.

Riddler Knows Who Batman Is

If the Riddler is aware of Bruce’s double life, he may also know about other secrets of the Wayne family. The Waynes are deeply connected to whatever has gone down in Gotham over the years. They must certainly have a hand in all the corruption in the city administration. The Riddler knows this. A scene in the trailer shows Bruce holding a note that says “sins of my father??”. This potentially points at Thomas Wayne’s corruption being the reason Bruce has to now pay the ultimate price. Maybe the Court of Owls are also involved since they are formed of Gotham’s socio-economic elite and clearly had ties to Thomas Wayne when he was alive.

Court Of Owls Is Coming

The secret society was already teased in the trailer itself when the Riddler delivers a card carrying an owl symbol.

The Batman Theory – The Movie Will Be Played In Reverse ‘Memento’-Style: A Kidnapped Bruce Wayne Pieces Information Together To Escape The Riddler

Bruce Wayne

Both Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson have confirmed the movie will be more or less a detective story. The Batman theory also conforms to the trailer reveals. Alfred is heard saying “Dear God” while looking at a screen. Looks like the Riddler is live-streaming Batman’s death as Bruce is caught in the former’s cross-hairs.

The Detective Story Angle

And coming to the detective noir storyline, all of this makes even more sense. Bruce Wayne, now ta hostage to a madman, must piece together information inside his head to find out clues so that he could escape whatever sick game the Riddler is planning for him. So in essence, all the scenes we saw in The Batman trailer, this The Batman theory claims is happening inside Bruce’s head. The story is playing in reverse, just like Christopher Nolan‘s Memento.



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