“Bloated transvestite Wonder Woman”: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Had the Most Awful Thing to Say About John Cena

The Rock once used a very problematic term for fellow WWE superstar John Cena.

“Bloated transvestite Wonder Woman”: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Had the Most Awful Thing to Say About John Cena


  • The Rock is one of the greatest WWE Superstars ever but he has said controversial things in the past.
  • This includes him calling John Cena a bloated transvestite Wonder Woman.
  • John Cena also violated The Rock's trust, once upon a time.
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Dwayne Johnson, having lived the American dream with a successful wrestling career followed by becoming a top movie star, has faced controversies from his earlier years. During his notorious attitude era in WWE, he made remarks that are now considered problematic, including apparently transphobic, racist, and misogynistic comments.

The Rock smiling
The Rock

Despite attempts to cancel him, The Rock remains a prominent figure in Hollywood. This serves as a reminder of how societal standards have evolved, with actions once deemed acceptable now considered grounds for cancellation. One of the biggest examples was the time he once called John Cena a bloated transvestite wonderwoman.

The Rock Once Called John Cena A Bloated Transvestite Wonder Woman

The Rock being controversial
The Rock on an episode of Monday Night RAW

After establishing himself in wrestling, Dwayne Johnson ventured into showbiz, starring in numerous blockbuster action, thrilling, and adventure films, establishing himself as a successful actor. With an irresistible on-screen presence, Johnson has garnered a massive global fan base, boosting the value and viewership of any project he’s involved in.


However, his success hasn’t been without controversy. The actor has faced criticism for making controversial remarks on sensitive subjects, nearly leading to cancellation. Making insensitive remarks about transgender issues, Johnson triggered a social media frenzy, prompting varied responses about the Red Notice movie star.

During an episode of Monday Night RAW during the height of his feud with John Cena, The Rock brought out several of John Cena’s merchandise outside and mocked each and every one of them. When he came to the John Cena wristbands, he insulted John Cena

“Like a bloated transvestite, Wonder Woman fighting crime, pew pew pew.

It is crucial to acknowledge that the controversial statement mentioned above was made years ago within the context of Dwayne Johnson portraying the character of The Rock for the WWE. These comments and remarks do not reflect his personal views but are scripted elements of his character.


John Cena Once Violated The Rock’s Trust

The Rock and John Cena on an episode of Monday Night RAW
The Rock and John Cena

Back in 2008 to 2009, John Cena called out The Rock for leaving WWE and going to Hollywood, while he still was actively competing in WWE. After Cena saw himself in The Rock’s shoes, he saw the error of his ways.

In 2012, the heated rivalry between John Cena and The Rock stemmed from actual animosity between the two professional wrestlers. Their conflict came to a head on the February 27th episode of Monday Night RAW, when The Rock made a much-anticipated comeback and was met by Cena. The two wrestlers verbally sparred, and Cena took a swipe at The Rock by suggesting he had written his lines on his wrist.

As per ex-WWE writer Brian Gewirtz, when John Cena called out The Rock, it breached the latter’s trust, and instead of bringing them closer, it resulted in a “disconnect that was growing” between the two wrestling icons.


Rock doing his thing with me going out to interrupt him. And 90 seconds before my music hit, someone to not be named said, ‘yo, do you see that?’ I said, ‘see what?’ [the other person said] ‘I think Rock has something written on his wrist. Everyone was like, ‘yooo!’ because that’s just not allowed.”

John Cena has openly acknowledged that he owes a lot to The Rock for paving the way and being a source of inspiration for him. Despite their intense rivalry in the ring, there is undoubtedly mutual respect between the two wrestlers. The impact that The Rock and John Cena have had on WWE and beyond cannot be understated.


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