Blue Beetle Casts Basic Instinct Star Sharon Stone As Main Villain

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As Basic Instinct turns 30 this year, its breakout star Sharon Stone has once again landed a major role in the upcoming Blue Beetle movie. Directed by Angel Manuel Soto, Blue Beetle will be a part of the DC Extended Universe. However, instead of having Ted Kord as Blue Beetle, the movie will feature Jaime Reyes’s version of the character. But now it seems, Ted Kord might be coming soon to the big screen with Sharon Stone’s character reveal.


Sharon Stone, best known for playing femme fatale characters has been cast as Victoria Kord in Blue Beetle. While it is currently unknown if Victoria Kord is anyway related to Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle, fans are expecting some familiarity between the characters. Joining Stone will be Raoul Max Trujillo, who will be playing the role of Carapax the Indestructible Man.

Blue Beetle Casts Basic Instinct Star Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone

DC’s Blue Beetle: Everything We Know So Far

As the DCEU is finally finding some commercial and critical success, the decision to bring one of DC’s oldest heroes to the big screen makes sense. Though the character has some compelling storylines to his name, he hasn’t enjoyed much popularity. Created back in 1939, Blue Beetle has had three different iterations, with Ted Kord being the most popular. However, the third and latest Jaime Reyes version of the character has also become a fan favorite in recent years.

Blue Beetle Casts Sharon Stone As Victoria Kord
Blue Beetle

For the role of Jaime Reyes, Cobra Kai breakout star Xolo Mariduena has been cast. Mariduena, who plays the role of Miguel Diaz in The Karate Kid spin-off series Cobra Kai was cast last year for the role. With major studios focusing more on diversity, the Jaime Reyes version of Blue Beetle makes a lot of sense considering the character’s Latin-American background.

DC Blue Beetle Casts Sharon Stone As Main Villain
Xolo Mariduena in Cobra Kai

Joining Angel Manuel Soto will be Gareth Dunnett-Alcocer for the scriptwriting. FX’s What We Do In The Shadows Harvey Guillen has also been cast in an undisclosed role. Apart from Xolo Mariduena, Blue Beetle has also cast George Lopez, Adriana Barazza, Elpidia Carrillo, and Damian Alcazar as members of the Reyes family.

Sharon Stone as Victoria Kord in Blue Beetle

As one of the most recognizable actors in the industry, Sharon Stone’s casting in Blue Beetle is not her first rodeo in the superhero genre. Stone has previously starred in Catwoman (2004) alongside Halle Berry. While the movie was a critical and commercial failure, Stone was one of the few good things about the disaster. Considering the actor’s penchant for dark, villainous roles, Sharon Stone is a terrific addition to the cast of Blue Beetle.

Sharon Stone lands the role of Victoria Kord in Blue Beetle
Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct

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Sharon Stone will feature in the second season of The Flight Attendant, starring Kaley Cuoco. Blue Beetle is slated to release on August 18, 2023.


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