Erotic Thrillers To Watch If You Liked Deep Water


With the latest Hulu movie, Deep Water, not only has the erotic thriller genre finally made a comeback but so has Adrian Lyne to the director’s chair. This movie marks his first project after exactly two decades since he directed Unfaithful in 2002. Back in the 80s, this genre was so popular that the seats would be full all the time in anticipation since online entertainment, particularly of this kind, wasn’t a thing yet. With Deep Water, people can finally feel like the old days are back since not a lot of movies focus on this genre these days.

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Deep Water (2022), Dir. Adrian Lyne

Starring Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck, this movie focuses on a married couple and the mind games they play on each other and the consequences that follow. It revolves around their story of infidelity and betrayal, jealousy, and murder. If you watched the movie and your thirst for this genre has peaked since then, here’s a list of movies that you should watch.


Unfaithful (2002)

Erotic Thrillers Like Deep Water | FandomWire
Unfaithful (2002), Dir. Adrian Lyne

In Unfaithful, we are introduced to Edward Summer (Richard Gere) and Connie Summer (Diane Lane), a picture-perfect couple.  As the name suggests, this movie focuses on infidelity and betrayal. It has common themes with the movie Deep Water. As Connie becomes obsessed with a young stranger, she begins an affair with him, leading her to also bear the consequences of her decisions.  In both the films, the husbands feel swept up by waves of jealousy that cause them to lose their heads.

Knock Knock (2015)

Erotic Thrillers To Watch After Deep Water | FandomWire
Knock Knock (2015), Dir. Eli Roth

Keanu Reeves may be famous for The Matrix and John Wick franchises, but the man contains multitudes. He has a habit of mixing things up in his career that keeps him on his toes and the erotic thriller Knock Knock is an example of the same.


A seductive couple shows up at Reeves’ home one night in need of assistance and when he finally caves to their demands for a threesome while his family is out of town, things get very, very ugly. Starring Deep Water actress Ana de Armas and Eli Roth’s ex-wife Lorenza Izzo, this movie is a fun watch.

The Last Seduction (1994)

Erotic Thrillers To Watch If You Liked Deep Water | FandomWire
The Last Seduction (1994), Dir. John Dahl

The Last Seduction, starring Linda Fiorentino and Peter Berg portrays the story of Bridget Gregory, who persuades her husband Clay to do business with drug dealers and then runs off with almost a million dollars to hide in a small town in middle America. This prompts her husband to send detectives after her in order to pay off the loan shark threatening him.


Just like Deep Water, this film also highlights the manipulative nature of the wife and how it affects their marriage and the husband’s decisions. 

Indecent Proposal (1993)

Erotic Thrillers A Lot Like Deep Water | FandomWire
Indecent Proposal (1993), Dir. Adrian Lyne

The stakes are high when it’s about a million dollars and most people would do anything for that amount. Not the married couple David ( Woody Harrelson ) and Diana Murphy ( Demi Moore) though. A wealthy man, John Gage (Robert Redford ) offers $1 million to the couple if Diana sleeps with him. On getting refused he forces his way into their lives but it’s interesting to note that Gage never turns murderous (yes, the bar is on the ground sadly) and unlike most erotic thrillers, it has a happy ending.


Fatal Attraction (1987)

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Fatal Attraction (1987), Dir. Adrian Lyne

Adrian Lyne has done so much for the fans of this genre. Another masterpiece by him, Fatal Attraction is an engrossing story about a married lawyer named Dan Gallagher who has a one-night stand with his colleague Alex while his family is away. Soon Alex starts stalking him and his family, making him regret his decisions.

Apart from the fact that both films were directed by Adrian Lyne, ‘Fatal Attraction‘ and ‘Deep Water’ share a few similarities. Both movies contain erotic scenes and a married couple struggling through their issues, which not only affects their ability to make decisions but also harms their family in the long run. 




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