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Movies are made exploring through a ton of different genres. Sometimes even by creating a hybrid genre like Romantic comedies. It is one of the most popular hybrid genres of today. But back in the 1980s, there was another hybrid genre that led to cinema and its erotic thrillers. Yes, movies that were thrilling and had erotica mixed with it. These movies focused on romantic storylines heavily but had a mysterious or crime angle added to it. These movies also contained graphic nudity and sexual scenarios.


Combining two different genres can either make a movie a classic or a total disaster. Especially when playing with genres that are remotely similar. But there have been certain classics made in this subgenre that you can watch for some romantic thrill. 

Eyes Wide Shut leaves you on the edge of the seat

Eyes Wide Shut best erotic thrillers
Eyes Wide Shut

Released in 1999, Eyes Wide Shut is a movie based on a couple, played by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Alice (Nicole Kidman) reveals her sexual fantasies for a different man to her husband, Bill (Tom Cruise). This makes Bill want a strange sexual encounter. On his quest to find such a thing, he discovers a secret sexual group and goes to one of their meetings. Only to discover that he has lost himself to these fantasies. The movie, directed by Stanley Kubrick, is based on a 196 movie, Novella Traumnovelle, which translates to Dream Story. The movie is so exciting that you will be completely hooked on it. It was the director’s final work and was widely loved and critically acclaimed. 


Body Heat definitely gives you the thrills

Body Heat amazing erotic thrillers
Body Heat

The directorial debut of Lawrence Kasdan, Body Heat is based on the classic Double Indemnity. The movie is about a lawyer (William Hurt) who has an affair with the wife (Kathleen Turner) of a rich businessman (Richard Crenna). With the help of one of his clients, the lawyer devises a plan to kill the businessman so the two lovers can run away. But the story isn’t that simple, a lot occurs as the story develops and the lawyer finds himself trapped in a loop he had never expected. The movie was highly acclaimed for the graphic sex scenes. But the director had given a good focus to the thrill elements as well. And the combination of the two is so perfect that it made the movie a masterpiece of the genre. 

Bound is on a different level of erotic thrillers

Bound one of the best erotic thrillers

Before making the masterpiece The Matrix, the Wachowskis explored the genre of erotic thrillers. Bound was made as an experimental movie by makers to show what they were capable of. And it was a really successful one. Bound is an erotic thriller that explores the adventure of a lesbian couple. One of them is in a relationship with a Mafia, Caesar. And the other is an ex-con. The couple makes a plan to steal $2 million from Caesar. The movie received good reviews, despite the troubles makers had to face while working on the movie. It was praised for the humor and the way it portrayed a lesbian couple. The film has a noir theme to it and is full of violence. And is an erotic thriller you should watch. 

The Last Seduction is a captivating thriller

The Last Seduction erotic thrillers
The Last Seduction

The 1994 movie, The Last Seduction is another Neo-noir movie that tells us the story of Bridget Gregory (Linda Fiorentina), who is looking for an escape from her marriage. Her husband, Clay (Bill Pullman) is heavily indebted. She convinces her husband to become a drug peddler. Later, when he’s successful, steals from him and runs away. Then she meets Mike (Peter Berg) and convinces him to run a scam. Things take a wrong turn when the two plan to kill her husband. The movie was received though erotic thrillers weren’t that appreciated at the time. Linda Fiorentina’s performance received high praises and was loved by the audience. Her character is now the benchmark for female Fatale characters. The movie has dry humor and wit.


Dressed to Kill started the trend

Dressed to Kill best erotic thrillers
Dressed to Kill

The 1980 movie could be said to be one of the firsts in the hybrid genre. Directed by Brian De Palma, this erotic thriller is lurid, thrilling, and surprising. The director has attempted to use the Hitchcock style of story building. It is about a prostitute (Nancy Allen) named Liz Blake, who witnesses the murder of Kate Miller (Angie Dickinson). She ends up trapped in a difficult situation as the police suspect her to be the killer. And the real killer is after her life as well. Only the son of Kate, Peter (Keith Gordon) trusts Liz. The two come together to find the real killer only to unfold some really mysterious happenings. The movie was highly acclaimed and loved by the audience. The thrill in the movie is intriguing with some erotic scenes that are well constructed. 

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