‘Blue Beetle’ Director Keeps Zack Snyder’s Legacy Alive in DCU With a Henry Cavill’s Superman Reference After James Gunn’s Reboot Destroys Snyderverse

'Blue Beetle' Director Keeps Zack Snyder's Legacy Alive in DCU With a Henry Cavill's Superman Reference After James Gunn's Reboot Destroys Snyderverse

It was hard for fans to swallow the fact that Henry Cavill will, in fact, not be returning as Superman despite making a promising cameo in Black Adam. It was especially heartbreaking since Henry Cavill himself was quite excited to don the red-blue suit again. Alas! James Gunn had a different idea in mind.

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

It was also rumored that Henry Cavill had a notable cameo in Ezra Miller’s The Flash, which was scrapped following his dismissal. While fans of the actor have been taking back-to-back hits, it looks like the upcoming film, Blue Beetle, might tend to their bruises as it is all set to reference an iconic DC Universe film – Man of Steel.

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Blue Beetle Will Reference Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel

A still from Angel Manuel Soto's Blue Beetle
A still from Angel Manuel Soto’s Blue Beetle

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During an interview with Nestor Bentancor on his YouTube channel, the director of Blue Beetle had some good news for fans of Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill. Angel Manuel Soto opened up about how surreal it felt when he heard that Snyder was looking forward to watching his film. He then went on to state that Snyder’s films have always been an influence on him and revealed that Blue Beetle pays an ode to Man of Steel.

Soto stated,

“Waking up in Mexico to the news that [Zack] Snyder wants to see it too, a director that I respect so much, that his films are an immense influence… Even in ‘Blue Beetle,’ there are some references to ‘Man of Steel’ that we made out of honor and respect for the work and art of Zack Snyder. Also, seeing David Ayer sharing it… It’s like, ‘WOW, brother!’ How nice it feels to have that support from people that one respects and that the fans also respect.”

Snyder and Cavill’s collaboration in Man of Steel was truly one of a kind and has undoubtedly set the bar high in the sky for James Gunn’s upcoming Superman: Legacy. The question is, can Gunn’s Superman, David Corenswet, fly high enough to touch the bar?

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Zack Snyder is Excited for Blue Beetle

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder

Blue Beetle tells the story of Jaime Reyes (Xolo Maridueña) and his journey as Blue Beetle after he gets chosen to be the symbiotic host to the Scarab. And while bringing the iconic DC Comics character to live-action seems like a great idea, only time will tell if the film will perform as well as we fans hope.

However, as far as Snyder is concerned, both he and his kids will be watching the movie in theatres. The filmmaker is elated to see the Latino representation in the superhero universe. Making excitement public, Snyder took to X (formerly known as Twitter) and stated,

Moto replied to Snyder’s comment stating, “Thanks, teacher. Thank you for this kind gesture…You have no idea how much this gesture means to me and the culture.” He even added that he has been a fan of Snyder’s work since Snyder was making commercials!

Snyder is not the only one who is excited about the Blue Beetle. After The Flash’s disappointing run and the reluctance surrounding the reboot, DCU fans are desperately hoping for a win!

Blue Beetle releases in theatres on August 18, 2023.

Source: Nestor Cine desde Hollywood

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