Blue Eye Samurai 2: Creators Reveal a Promising Update for Future Amid Netflix’s Relentless Cancelation Rampage

Blue Eye Samurai makers are optimistic about the possibility of multiple seasons for the show.

Blue Eye Samurai 2: Creators Reveal a Promising Update for Future Amid Netflix’s Relentless Cancelation Rampage


  • Released earlier this month, Blue Eye Samurai has received rave reviews.
  • The creators of the animated series plan to continue it for multiple seasons.
  • The fate of the series remains uncertain amid Netflix's cancelation spree.
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Set in 17th century Japan, Netflix’s latest series, Blue Eye Samurai, follows Mizu, a mixed-race individual seeking revenge against four white men, one of whom might also be her father, for the discrimination she faced throughout her life. The series follows her quest to find and kill these men while concealing her gender and her blue eyes.

Netflix's Blue Eye Samurai series
Netflix’s Blue Eye Samurai

Released earlier this month, the series has received rave reviews from critics and audiences, not only for its graphics but also for having an engaging storyline. During an interview with Screen Rant, the makers discussed the animated series and shared insights into their future plans amid Netflix’s cancellation rampage.

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Blue Eye Samurai Creators Discuss Series Future at Netflix

Created by Michael Green and Amber Noizumi, Netflix’s Blue Eye Samurai features a stellar voice cast, including actors like Maya Erskine, George Takei, Darren Barnet, Randall Park, and Kenneth Branagh. The first season follows Mizu’s story in eight episodes, and the makers have shared that they are planning to continue the series for multiple seasons.

Maya Erskine voices Mizu in Blue Eye Samurai
Netflix animated series Blue Eye Samurai

They shared that they have “a lot of stories” for the show’s future and are looking forward to continuing it for three to four seasons. Green and Noizumi also mentioned a potential spin-off to the series that would likely follow Masi Oka’s Ringo. They told Screen Rant,

“It is plotted out. Season two has an approved outline. In our heart of hearts, we want to tell at least three, four seasons. We know the end of this story. We would love to continue. We know the spinoff-“

Mizu and Ringo
Mizu and Ringo

While the makers are enthusiastic about the stories they want to tell, they also shared that the audience’s engagement is crucial for its continuation. Blue Eye Samurai’s future still seems promising based on the positive response it has received from the audience and critics so far.


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Will Blue Eye Samurai Survive Netflix’s Cancellation Spree?

Netflix has been on a cancellation spree throughout 2023. Starting the year by canceling shows like 1899 and Inside Job, the trend continued during and after the SAG-AFTRA strike with the cancelation of Welcome to Eden, Wellmania, and most recently, dramas like Shadow and Bone and Glamorous along with animated series Agent Elvis, Captain Fall, and Farzar.

Michael Green and Amber Noizumi's Blue Eye Samura
Michael Green and Amber Noizumi’s Blue Eye Samurai

While the odds seem in favor of Blue Eye Samurai, the series’ fate remains uncertain following the streaming giant’s cancellation spree. The first season of the show ends with a compelling cliffhanger, and fans are looking forward to another season.


The second season of the show could delve deeper into the intricate narrative set in the show by the end of its first season. Netflix has not officially announced a second season of the series. However, the hope for its renewal is sustained, considering its positive reviews and viewer engagement.

Blue Eye Samurai is streaming on Netflix.

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