“Let’s just burn down that whole set”: Blue Eye Samurai Director Went Bonkers for Series Finale to Pay Homage to an Actual Historical Event

Blue Eye Samurai producer gives the lowdown on the season's epic finale.

“Let’s just burn down that whole set”: Blue Eye Samurai Director Went Bonkers for Series Finale to Pay Homage to an Actual Historical Event


  • Blue Eye Samurai Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger that left fans craving for more.
  • Series producer Jane Wu reveals the rationale on the show's epic ending.
  • Wu also shared some details on what to expect from the potential sequel.
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Fans were left breathless after Season 1 of Blue Eye Samurai ended on a cliffhanger. The Netflix animated series, created by Amber Noizumi and Michael Green, saw the city of Edo burned down to the ground, a terrifying yet fitting finale that mirrors a real historical event.

blue eye samurai 3
Blue Eye Samurai

The cast included Maya Erskine as Mizu, Kenneth Branagh as Abijah Fowler, Harry Shum Jr. as Takayoshi Ito, Brenda Song as Princess Akemi, Randall Park as Heiji Shindo, and George Takei as Seki, among others.

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Blue Eye Samurai’s Mind-Blowing Season Finale Explained

Speaking with Variety, supervising director and producer Jane Wu talked about the epic finale of Blue Eye Samurai and the rationale behind their decision to “burn down that whole set”:

We really pushed ourselves to give as much epicness as possible to our last episode in the season. It’s a digital set, it’s not real, but I said, ‘Yeah, let’s just burn it down — let’s just burn down that whole set.’ It should feel like fire touched every part of the set and every part and corner of Edo because that’s what happened to the Great Fire [of Meireki in 1657] in Edo.”

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Blue Eye Samurai

Wu also discussed the importance of a key symbol in the show: Mizu’s scarf. The character used it to hide the fact that she does not have an Adam’s apple because she is a girl. At the end of the season, Mizu no longer wears it. The director explained:

That end shot, we had to redesign her a little bit to show that her character has morphed and has changed and has grown, and she’s finally taken off that scarf. Does that mean she’s willing to accept her female side? I don’t know. That’s definitely what I’m looking forward to — is Mizu’s growth.”

Although Netflix has not yet renewed Blue Eye Samurai for another season, it is very evident that there is so much more to explore in the story.


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What To Expect From Blue Eye Samurai Season 2

Jane Wu also shared with Variety some details on what fans can expect from a potential second season. She confirmed that the story will be set in London:

Story-wise, I can’t clearly say what we’re expecting in Season 2 because I don’t have the script in hand. But I do think we will probably explore London — and how much of London is really depending on the budget and the schedule.”

blue eye samurai
Blue Eye Samurai

It is also fitting for the cast to go to London because half of Mizu’s heritage is based there. The creators were also enthusiastic about continuing the narrative in a place that would explore more of Mizu’s background:


The idea of going to London was always Michael and Amber’s idea, and I remember when the last script came out, and we were reading it. In the end, when Fowler says ‘London,’ I think the team collectively just went ‘Wow.’ Because how cool would that be, right, to take a character that’s so Japanese and drop-kick them in London?

There is so much to look forward to in Blue Eye Samurai. The show has received generally positive reactions from fans so hopefully, Netflix would give it another shot.

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