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Blumhouse Games Continue to Their Push As They Hire Horror Game Extraordinaire

Blumhouse Games

Blumhouse, the regarded production company known for its horror films such as: M3GAN, the recent additions to the Halloween franchise, and The Purge, is expanding its influence into the world of horror video games. This expansion signifies a milestone in the horror entertainment sector. 

Blumhouse Games Continues Expansion with Anticipated Merger with Atomic Monster

Blumhouse Games will be expanding how the video game industry views horror.
Blumhouse Games will be expanding how the video game industry views horror.

This news arrives after Blumhouse Games, a division of Blumhouse Productions, made an announcement regarding the appointment of certain executives. Zach Wood has been appointed as the President of Blumhouse Games and Dan Sechler will take on the role of Chief Financial Officer.

Blumhouse’s recent appointments demonstrate its dedication to the gaming industry and desire to push boundaries. However, what really grabbed the attention of industry experts was the revelation tucked away in the press release. Towards the end of the year Blumhouse and Atomic Monster, a known horror company led by James Wan, announced their plans to merge.

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This blockbuster deal is expected to be finalized during the upcoming summer, and promises to reshape the landscape of the horror entertainment industry.

Blumhouse Games is preparing to partner with game developers to create horror title for different platforms such as consoles, PC, and mobile devices. This collaboration aligns with their pioneering nature in the film industry.

The gaming division’s focus will be on indie budget projects that have production costs below $10 million. This strategy demonstrates Blumhouse’s dedication to nurturing innovation and pushing the limits of expression within the horror genre. It reflects their commitment to delivering storytelling that has become synonymous with the Blumhouse brand.

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As Blumhouse Games moves forward, it has also been announced that Atomic Monster will be merging with Blumhouse.
As Blumhouse Games moves forward, it has also been announced that Atomic Monster will be merging with Blumhouse.

Abhijay Prakash, the President of Blumhouse Productions recently shared the studios excitement about venturing into the media field. He acknowledged the potential for growth this arena offers and emphasized how Zach Wood and Dan Sechler’s vision align perfectly with Blumhouse’s expertise in genres and their business model. According to him, Wood and Sechler are the leaders to guide Blumhouse Games as they embark on their journey into the space.

With their wealth of understanding and expertise in the gaming industry, they are in a position to utilize Blumhouse’s brand, reputation, and creative abilities within the realm of gaming.

With a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years, Zach Wood is a video game producer who has a portfolio of more than 30 titles across various platforms. Some notable titles he has worked on include: Sound Shapes, Hohokum, The Unfinished Swan, Prey; Mooncrash, and Redfall. Dan Sechler on the other hand brings expertise in finance, operations, and strategy. He has played a role in overseeing these aspects for Sony PlayStation in a publisher and developer relations function.

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Wood shared his excitement, about partnering with Blumhouse highlighting the possibilities that exist in the gaming industry for horror. He is enthusiastic about utilizing Blumhouse’s reputation, expertise, and esteemed brand, to enhance the realm of horror games.

The upcoming merger with Atomic Monster and the strategic appointments at Blumhouse Games, demonstrate the studios’ dedication to enhancing the horror entertainment experience through forms of media including movies and video games. With these developments the future of horror entertainment looks very promising.

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Source: Bloomberg

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