Bob’s Burgers Review: The Funniest Movie of the Year

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Is there an animated burger more beloved than that of Bob’s? SpongeBob’s Krabby Patty comes to mind; but I’d put my money on one of Bob’s creatively named burgers over a soggy, salt water soaked Krabby Patty any day. Ever since Bob’s Burgers premiered on Fox in 2011, the Belcher family has held the hearts (and stomachs) of audiences captive. And if you’re a fan of the series (of course you are) then you’re going to love this movie. I know I did.


The plot is simple. The Belchers need money. The rent is due and, even more pressing, they’re behind on a bank loan. Despite their attempts to smooth things over at the bank, they’re given the stern warning to pay the loan or lose the business. And with a deadline of only seven days, that won’t be easy. Especially once a sinkhole opens up in the street and blocks the entrance to the restaurant; effectively preventing them from operating during the busy summer season. The Belcher clan bands together to save the business, and in doing so, become entangled in a dangerous mystery.

Bob's Burgers Review
Tina, Linda, Louise, Gene, Bob and Sergeant Bosco in “Bob’s Burgers”

Bob’s voice is a familiar one. It’s iconic. That’s because H. Jon Benjamin, the voice of Bob, has been voicing characters for nearly three decades. He voiced Sterling Archer in Archer, Coach John McGuirk in Home Movies and even a can of talking vegetables in Wet Hot American Summer. I literally grew up with his voice. That deep, gravely voice has comforted me through the good and the bad. The happy and sad. And, amazingly, he continues to do so with The Bob’s Burgers Movie.


To know the Belchers is to love them. Each of them are eccentric and… special in their own unique ways. But their bond and love for one another is at the forefront of their personalities. It’s that trait that allows Bob’s Burgers to excel beyond the traditional animated sitcom. There’s humor, and lots of it, but that humor comes with the heart of a family over coming the hurtles of life by sticking together. The Simpsons and Family Guy may have come first, but Bob’s Burgers is leading the pack and setting the bar.

Bob's Burgers Review
Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) and Linda (John Roberts) in the Bob’s Burgers Movie

The heart and humor of the series carry over to the big screen seamlessly. This is the funniest movie of the year. I laughed my buns off! (that’s a cheesy pun that Bob would be proud of.) Very little changes with the exception of a noticeable adjustment to the animation. The style is the same. And the look is, for the most part, unaltered. However, the increased budget and time that comes with a major motion picture allows the loving touch of a bit… extra. The colors are more vibrant. There’s a hyper level of detail to the world around them that’s not present on TV.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie sizzles from the very beginning. And to my surprise and delight, it’s a musical! The songs are as catchy and comedic as you’d expect. All of your favorite side characters make an appearance; however, the focus of this story is always on the Belchers. The screen time and story are split evenly between the children and adult characters, but the film is at its best when the whole gang is together. It’s exactly what it should be. It’s like an extended episode of the series, and what more could you ask for? This is a movie that is very, very… well done. 9/10


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