Get Strapped In, Because Borderlands May Just be the First of Many in the Borderlands Cinematic Universe

Borderlands Cinematic Universe is the next MCU.

Get Strapped In, Because Borderlands may Just be the First of Many in the Borderlands Cinematic Universe


  • Gearbox founder shares his optimism for an ambitious cinematic universe.
  • Borderlands may be getting more film installments than game sequels.
  • Expanding the lore is among the top priorities of this film adaptation.
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Borderlands is branching out to Hollywood in the form of a connected film franchise akin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Inspired by the success of a shared universe type of series and the recent surge of somewhat successful video games to live-action adaptations, Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford is optimistic for the future stating that the upcoming film based on their IP will be the first of many.


Adapting stories into another medium offers the opportunity to expand the original narrative and explore the world in more depth. This transition allows the developers to concentrate on specific aspects that they originally intended. The world of Borderlands is vast enough to benefit from this kind of storytelling, which can include new pieces of lore, such as the introduction of certain missing characters. The possibilities are endless!

Revisiting Borderlands Through a Different Point of View.

The Borderlands film is the start of a new Hollywood cash cow.

The upcoming film is being treated as the launch of a series of films set in the Borderlands universe, with endless room to grow and stories to tell.


When taking a look at recent live-action adaptations of popular video games, all of them have been criticized by fans and critics alike, from a film standpoint, or being flat-out inaccurate from the source material.

Despite this, adaptations of games like Uncharted, The Last of Us, Twisted Metal, and Halo have still managed to pass muster. It’s important to remember that change is inevitable, although it is not always positive.


These adaptations have the power to either elevate the brand or tarnish it, depending on how well they are executed.

Borderlands Cinematic Universe might be a visually stunning letdown.

The cast of Borderlands stars Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ariana Greenblatt, Florian Munteanu, and Jack Black.

The teaser and photos were able to share that the filmmakers managed to capture the look and feel of the game through their wardrobe department. It is still too early to predict the outcome, as past experiences have shown that such projects can be either a massive hit or a major miss. The first entry in the Borderlands Cinematic Universe will set the tone for the franchise’s future. The success and reception of this first entry could determine if it is worth producing another one and decide the fate of the franchise in general.

It can be tempting to deviate from the source material to inject originality and creativity into a project. However, it’s important to remember that doing so can also increase the risk of failure and criticism, particularly from fans. This is a common cause for the downfall of this genre. Therefore, it is important to be cautious and considerate when making changes to the source material.


The difficult task of reintroducing a world so beloved by many to a new light and new audiences might be jarring but taking risks is part of progress. The first live-action Borderlands movie is coming to theaters on August 9, 2024



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