Boruto May be Setting up Naruto to Become Stronger Than Baryon Mode – Is That Why They Killed Kurama?

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Boruto May be Setting up Naruto to Become Stronger Than Baryon Mode – Is That Why They Killed Kurama

Naruto is one of the most well-known anime of all time, and millions of people have grown up watching Naruto, from being a kid to completing his dream of becoming a Hokage. However, since the launch of Boruto, we have seen fewer and fewer of our favorite characters, and all of them have become weak. Still, a theory has arisen that shows Naruto might become one of the strongest in the series.

Boruto and Naruto
Boruto and Naruto

A popular theory is making rounds in the community, which sets Naruto as the vessel for the ultimate beast in the verse. According to the theory, Naruto might become the jinchuriki of the tenth tail, surpassing or becoming the second coming of Hagoromo Otsutsuki, which will see him surpassing all his previous versions.

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Can Naruto become the Jinchuriki of Ten Tails?

As seen in the story, Naruto is not even half of what he was in his teenage years; he is still solid. However, due to the growth in technologies and threats, the new generation has left him behind.

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As seen during the Jigen arc, the story still has ten tails. However, he is not as powerful as he was in the Naruto war arc, but he is still quite formidable. Luckily, the Ten Tail has no vessels and can be a good situation for Naruto.

Baryon mode Naruto
Baryon mode Naruto

Becoming the vessel for the Ten Tail will see Naruto enter a different realm compared to all the other characters in the story. It will be the most lethal and dangerous character in the entire series, with little to no person able to come close to him in terms of power.

However, it is doubtful that Naruto will ever come close to his previous version, and the primary reason is that the authors now want to focus on Boruto. It is unfortunate, but the era of Naruto is over, and that is now evident based on how less we see him and his involvement in the story.

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Effects of Naruto becoming stronger than ever before in the storyline

The authors of Boruto, from the get-go, have tried to shift the reader’s and viewers’ attention from the seventh hokage to his son Boruto. If, for any reason, Naruto gets stronger than ever before, the story’s main character would be irrelevant.

Boruto Before Time Skip
Boruto Before Time Skip

He would be so strong that nobody in the verse would be able to defeat him, which would become a significant problem in the story to have such a broken character. Because Naruto is the reincarnation of Indra, he will boost the power of Ten Tails to an ever more dangerous level.

Boruto is now the main focus, and the authors cannot possibly make the storyline complicated by making Naruto great again.

We might see Naruto getting a power-up again in the future, which will ensure that he stays relevant to the story, but it is unlikely that Naruto will ever surpass his Baryon mode.

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