“Brad and Tom together?”: Tom Cruise Turning into Zombie Fighting Action God in Fan-made World War Z 2 Poster Has us Excited For a Sequel That May Never Happen

Fans are having the time of their life after seeing Tom Cruise in this World War Z sequel fan-made poster!

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  • Fans have eagerly anticipated a sequel to the 2013 movie World War Z, but with no official sequel in sight, they have turned to imaginative fan-made posters to express their hopes and ideas.
  • One recent fan-made poster features Tom Cruise as the lead in a hypothetical World War Z sequel, portraying him as a zombie-fighting action hero in place of Brad Pitt's character from the original film.
  • The poster has gained significant approval and excitement from fans online, sparking discussions and reigniting enthusiasm for a potential sequel or reboot of the World War Z franchise.
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One of the most action-packed movies from the ZombieVerse created to date, fans have long awaited a sequel to the 2013 movie World War Z. With Brad Pitt’s excellent performance in the lead as Gerry Lane alongside Mireille Enos’ Karin Lane, the film garnered quite a bit of support from fans for its unarguably interesting storyline.

World War Z.
World War Z.

However, the sequel that they had long been waiting for doesn’t seem to be heading their way anytime soon. That being said, fans have instead started making posters of the same from their imagination, and one of the most recent fan-made posters of the same stars none other than the King of Action Movies Tom Cruise in the lead. And guess what? Fans are absolutely loving it.

Tom Cruise as a Zombie Fighting Action Hero in World War Z Sequel?

Back in 2013, Brad Pitt donned the role of a former United Nations employee who suddenly realizes he has to race against time if he wishes to seek out the cure to the ever-threatening virus that transforms human beings into the walking dead. And, needless to say, fans were in love.

Brad Pitt as the zombie-killer in a still from the movie.
Pitt as the zombie-killer in a still from the movie.

This was why they desperately awaited a sequel to continue the storyline or bring about something even better than the action-packed masterpiece. However, that sequel in question seems beyond happening now, considering how more than a decade has passed since the release of the original.

Nonetheless, fans aren’t stopping their imaginations from peaking with respective ideas of a second World War Z movie that might never happen. That being said, @itscinehouse on X shared a rather insanely creative fan-made poster of the same; one that surpasses many’s expectations.


As can be seen in the poster, instead of Pitt, Tom Cruise seems to be leading the race against the dead-but-alive creatures as a Zombie-fighting action hero. And while it comes as a surprise because of the new role Cruise seems to be donning, it also seems like an incredibly exciting prospect.

Considering how Cruise has spent the majority of his life doing chasing-cars-and-people action movies (especially the films from the Mission: Impossible saga), this could be a scenic change for both him and the audience. Thus, he in a World War Z sequel doesn’t seem like a bad idea either.

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 7.
Cruise in Mission Impossible 7.

That being said, this fan-imagined poster has gone viral on the internet and has once again incited a massive ray of hope among fans for the sequel they’ve been rallying for so long but haven’t received even after a decade, because, as the poster states: “Some things never die.”


This Fan-Made Poster is Gaining a Lot of Approval from the Fanbase

Needless to say, even though this might never come true, fans are still as excited about this prospect from this fan-made poster as ever. Taking to the comment section on X, here’s how they’re reacting to the same:




Although, yes, the original movie from 2013 had the perfect ending that fans wouldn’t want to change, the creators could at least consider a reboot or something along the line with a storyline as creative as the first one, though with Cruise leading the saga in this one.

But while that inevitably seems like a far-fetched dream, seems like fans will just have to make do with streaming the original movie for the time being.

That said, World War Z is available to be streamed on Prime Video.


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