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Brad Pitt Scores Rare Win With Ines de Ramon After Vampire Diaries Heartthrob Paul Wesley Officially Files for Divorce While ‘Bullet Train’ Star Battles Angelina Jolie Over Abuse Allegations

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In what could possibly be a piece of good news for actor Brad Pitt, Paul Wesley and Ines de Ramon are officially separating from each other. The two tied the knot in an intimate wedding back in 2019. There were suspicions about their romantic endeavor in 2018 which was confirmed by them on their social media. However, all of that is now a thing of the past as just after four years of marriage, the pair has separated.

Ines de Ramon and Paul Wesley
Ines de Ramon and Paul Wesley

While the announcement of their breakup was made a few months ago, Paul Wesley has filed the divorce papers to officially end their marriage. At the moment, Ines de Ramon has been seen getting closer and close to actor Brad Pitt. The actor himself is in a predicament regarding his ex-wife Angelina Jolie and her allegations of abuse against him.

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Paul Wesley Files for Divorce

Paul Wesley files for divorce from Ines de Ramon
Paul Wesley files for divorce from Ines de Ramon

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Five months after announcing their separation, Paul Wesley and Ines de Ramon are officially putting their relationship to rest. According to E! News, the obtained court document dated February 17, has “irreconcilable differences” penned down as the reason of their separation. The paperwork was filed by Wesley in Los Angeles. The official date for the end of their marriage is “TBD” at the moment, as listed by The Vampire Diaries actor. Wesley did not file a request for spousal support, which in simpler terms is alimony.

When the pair announces their split in September, a representative told PEOPLE, “The decision to separate is mutual and occurred five months ago.” According to the document, the ex-couple’s assets will be taken care of either through trial or by stipulation. Wesley filed the paperwork under his legal name, Wasilewski. The two did not have any children together.

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Is Ines de Ramon dating Brad Pitt?

Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon
Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon

The rumors of Ramon and Brad Pitt’s romantic relationship first emerged when the two were spotted attending a concert in Los Angeles. Pitt then shared a lovely pre-birthday dinner with his alleged girlfriend at Pace restaurant in Los Angeles. According to an eyewitness, they left the restaurant surrounded by a group of friends and carried bags and gifts to their car. The eyewitness also stated that Pitt wrapped his arms around Ramon and then proceeded to pull her closer to him. A source told PEOPLE, “They were very cute and flirty. You could tell she makes him happy.”

While nothing has been confirmed by either or Pitt or Ramon, a source once told PEOPLE that they had a good, stress-free thing going on. The source added that they are having fun together and are indeed in a romantic relationship.

Ines de Ramon receives flowers from Brad Pitt
Ines de Ramon receives flowers from Brad Pitt

Just in case you are looking for more proof of their alleged romance, Ramon was seen in Los Angeles carrying a beautiful arrangement of pink flowers on Valentine’s Day. A source confirmed the speculation to PEOPLE that the mystery sender is none other than Pitt himself. Pitt was busy working on his upcoming film, Wolves, in New York City which was probably why he couldn’t surprise Ramon with flowers in person. However, it looks like distance cannot stop their budding romance as he made sure to make the day special for Ramon.

While things seem to be going well for Pitt and Ramon, Wesley was also seen kissing model Natalie Kuckenburg in November 2022 as they were on a trip to Italy.

Source: E! News

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