Brad Pitt Set to Dethrone Arch-Rival Tom Cruise, Will Drive Real Mercedes F1 Car While $600M Star Wasn’t Allowed to Fly F-18 Jets in Top Gun 2

Brad Pitt Set to Dethrone Arch-Rival Tom Cruise, Will Drive Real Mercedes F1 Car While $600M Star Wasn't Allowed to Fly F-18 Jets in Top Gun 2
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After earning a DGA nomination for directing Top Gun: Maverick, Joseph Kosinski is determined to keep his momentum going with his next project. Kosinski’s next project is Formula One, featuring Brad Pitt as a retired F1 driver who returns to racing. The movie has involvement from Lewis Hamilton, a revered name in the sport, who serves as a producer and may have a role as himself.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire

It might surprise many that Joseph Kosinski did not approach Tom Cruise for the role after their highly-successful collaboration. While many believe Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are rivals, they have never been known to compete or feud with one another publicly. In fact, they have worked together in the past, co-starring in the 1994 film Interview with the Vampire.

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Brad Pitt To Drive An Actual F1 Car For The Film

The production is scheduled to commence filming in the upcoming weeks. Kosinski and Bruckheimer have set their sights high for this movie, with plans to introduce an 11th team and capture footage both on and off the track throughout the entire Formula One season. Apple has also jumped on board and is likely to release the film in theaters next year.

A groundbreaking moveable 6k camera has been specially created to provide a never-before-seen view inside the cockpit, and Brad Pitt himself will be behind the wheel of a Mercedes-designed F1 car for the film. 

Tom Cruise FandomWire
Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise

This will be exciting for Brad Pitt fans, as actors don’t really get to hop on the real vehicles for films. During the filming of Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise was also denied to fly an F-18 fighter jet. While there was no confirmation about why the Navy denied Cruise to fly, insurance concerns and the hefty cost of the aircraft could be the reason behind it. 


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Will Tom Cruise Be Seen In Brad Pitt’s Next

Kosinski has stated that his biggest source of inspiration for Formula One is John Frankenheimer’s iconic racing film Grand Prix. To ensure the story’s accuracy, Lewis Hamilton is in daily communication with the team and advising on the storyline.

Brad Pitt Follows Arch-Rival Tom Cruise to Outperform Top Gun 2, Set to Race With Lewis Hamilton at British Grand Prix for Upcoming Movie
Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise

It’s worth noting that Tom Cruise has expressed his willingness to do some additional driving for the film if needed. Joseph Kosinski, who directed the Tom Cruise-led sci-fi movie Oblivion, as well as Tron: Legacy and Only the Brave, has now become one of the most highly sought-after blockbuster filmmakers in Hollywood, especially after his recent success with Top Gun: Maverick.


Top Gun: Maverick is available for streaming on Paramount+ and MGM+.

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