Angelina Jolie’s Recent Attacks Fail Miserably as Brad Pitt Looks Unphased in Recent Venice Outing After Ex-Wife Files $250M Lawsuit for Fraud Over French Winery

Angelina Jolie's Recent Attacks Fail Miserably as Brad Pitt Looks Unphased in Recent Venice Outing After Ex-Wife Files $250M Lawsuit for Fraud Over French Winery
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Brad Pitt seems to be enjoying his time in Venice as the Bullet Train actor was recently seen riding a water taxi while leaving the Venice Film Festival on its penultimate day. Before this, he attended the world premiere of Blonde. Brad Pitt worked as a producer for the film, and it received a 14-minute long standing ovation at its world premiere at Venice Film Festival.

Brad Pitt with Ana de Armas at Blonde World Premiere

Blonde is adapted from a 2000 novel of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates. The film is based on the iconic Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe and is a fictionalized version of her life. Ana de Armas plays the lead, Marilyn Monroe, in the film. Blonde will release on September 16, 2022.

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Angelina Jolie’s Company Files a $250 Million Lawsuit Against Brad Pitt 

Earlier this week, a former company of Angelina Jolie Nouvel filed a $250 million lawsuit against Brad Pitt. The company claimed that Brad Pitt froze the company out of Chateau Miraval and took control of its assets.


The lawsuit also claims that the actor used funds from the winery and spent millions on his vanity projects and $1 million on a swimming pool renovation, and also used funds to restore a recording studio. 

Brad Pitt

Nouvel also said Brad Pitt continued to operate the winery without consulting Joile. The lawsuit also implies that the actor has also planned to secretly move assets of Chateau Miraval to his and his friends’ companies. 

Brad Pitt has not said anything about these claims so far, but he does not seem too worried about the lawsuit, as appeared in his recent viral photos from the Venice Film Festival.


Brad Pitt Not Worried About the $250 Million Lawsuit

Brad Pitt, who has been on Angelina Jolie’s radar for the past month, doesn’t seem to fulfill Jolie’s intentions to see the actor worried. Brad Pitt was seen flaunting a teal suit with baggy trousers, a smart jacket, a blue T-shirt, and brown square sunglasses, does not seem affected in any way by the $250 million lawsuit. 

Brad Pitt in Venice
Brad Pitt in Venice

After attending the world premiere of Blonde, which received an extraordinary response and rave reviews from critics, Brad Pitt boarded a water taxi with a friend. The 58 years old actor then headed to the Venice Airport.

He arrived at the 2022 Venice Film Festival on Wednesday, September 7, with a musical instrument in a black case. He boarded a water taxi on his arrival as well. 


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Brad Pitt has been traveling for the promotion of his film Bullet Train. The film was released on August 5, 2022. Earlier, when the actor was in Japan for the promotion of Bullet Train, he was calm and did not seem affected by the release of the FBI document of the 2016 air incident between him and Angelina Jolie. 

brad pitt
Brad Pitt in Bullet Train

The FBI document revealed the detailed altercation between the couple. The documents also included images of Angelina Jolie’s injuries that she sustained during the altercation. After which, the Maleficent actress filed for divorce from Bard Pitt. After 12 years of relationship and two years of marriage, the couple got divorced in April 2019. 

Brad Pitt has not said anything about the FBI released documents and the recent lawsuit filed by Jolie’s former company. 


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