“I worked for a year on that one physically”: After Inspiring Many With ‘Fight Club’ Physique, Brad Pitt Went to Extreme Length to Show Up With a God Like Body Transformation in ‘Troy’

After Inspiring Many With 'Fight Club' Physique, Brad Pitt Went to Extreme Length to Show Up With a God Like Body Transformation in 'Troy'

When Brad Pitt stated he no longer had to focus on maintaining his body since he was married to his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, fans were a little disheartened. The Mr. & Mrs. Smith actor was often hailed as the most attractive man in the world. The Tree of Life actor also inspired young actors to put significant effort into building an impeccable physique.

Brad Pitt in Fight Club
Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in Fight Club

In several movies, Pitt can be seen flexing his well-toned body and ripped arms, but the ones that immediately come to mind are Tyler Durder from Fight Club and Achilles from Troy. Interestingly, Troy proved to be a far more challenging transformation for the Bullet Train actor.

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Brad Pitt Was Determined To Go All In With His Physique For Troy

Brad Pitt in Troy
Brad Pitt as Achilles in Troy

Brad Pitt’s dedication to his roles was commended several times by his co-stars and crew. In the Wolfgang Peterson film, Troy, the World War Z actor played Achilles, the Greek warrior who led his Myrmidons in the invasion of the city of Troy. Pitt was so elegant in the ancient attire that his co-star Brian Cox described him as “stunningly beautiful“.

The Ocean’s Eleven actor took Troy as a personal challenge to himself and decided to put his maximum effort into the transformation. The Moneyball actor revealed the reason in an interview with EW:

“I was turning 40. I wanted to go all out and just see what I could do. I worked for a year on that one, physically.”

The Fury actor further admitted he finds the physique of Troy mundane now. In a sarcastic reply, the Thelma & Louise actor added that he found aging more interesting. Fans expect nothing less from the actor who was called the sexiest man alive even when he was preparing for the grueling role of the mentally ill Jeffrey Goines in 12 Monkeys.

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Brad Pitt’s Trainer Revealed His Challenging Transformation Process For Troy

Bratt Pitt in Snatch
Bratt Pitt

Brad Pitt’s Troy transformation was more challenging than what he did for his other movies, including Fight Club. The Snatch actor was used to getting lean and shredded for his roles. But to play the Greek warrior, Pitt had to build a beefier look. The Babel actor’s trainer, Duffy Gaver, wanted him to closely resemble the ancient warriors. Gaver shared in an interview with Esquire:

“We talked about what is good aesthetically on the male body. If you look at Roman-Greco wrestlers they don’t go to the gym, they just do their job but they happen to look amazing. You don’t want the audience to go ‘Wow, I bet he benches a lot’. That doesn’t have anything to do with the film.”

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In order to attain the warrior physique, Pitt had to focus on gaining weight first before getting ripped. As per Gaver, they concentrated on developing a robust back, shoulders, and arms. The efforts worked in favor of the $497 million grossing film. To get a glimpse of the results of Pitt’s transformation routine, fans can enjoy Troy, now available for streaming on ViX.

Source: EW

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