“I think we should do this n*ked”: Bradley Cooper Was Horrified By His Co-Star’s Suggestion In $468M Movie That Nearly Made Police Shut Down The Movie

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Bradley Cooper Was Horrified By His Co-Star's Suggestion In $468M Movie That Nearly Made Police Shut Down The Movie

Bradley Cooper is a fantastic actor, known for his extreme dedication to his craft. Known for his versatile acting prowess, he is always down to take whatever measures to ensure his characters are as perfect as they can be. But even a dedicated and determined actor like him was once left dumbfounded by his co-star’s audacious proposal on the set of their $468 million movie.

Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper

Not only was the proposal shocking enough, but it also involved police intervention which threatened to shut down the production entirely. Ultimately they reached a compromise without undermining the artistic vision and keeping in line with the legal constraints.

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Bradley Cooper’s Co-Star’s Insane Proposal On Set Of $468M Movie

Hangover is a billion dollar franchise
Hangover is a billion-dollar franchise

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Bradley Cooper has starred in multiple thrillers and dramas but his comedic genius in the Hangover franchise continues to amaze audiences worldwide. A cult classic, it has a separate fanbase for it. However, it wasn’t easy to make the movie, for its production and shoot were riddled with issues.

To make matters worse, things went berserk when Bradley Cooper‘s co-star Ken Jeong had a crazy idea for one scene. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, writer Todd Phillips and the rest of the cast revealed some interesting details about the movie.

In the script that Jeremy (Garelick) and I had written, Mr. Chow jumps out of the trunk in his underwear. It was Ken who came to me and said, ‘I think we should do this n*ked.’ I was like, ‘You don’t have to tell me twice!’.”

To which Jeong added,

“Bradley volunteered for me to jump on him. My g*nitals and Bradley’s neck are very good friends. Todd said midway through filming, ‘Bradley, if this is too uncomfortable for you, let me know.’ And Bradley said something to the effect of, ‘Todd, until you brought it up, I really didn’t realize how creepy this actually is.’”

But that is when more trouble struck the shoot.

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Police Threatened To Shut Down Shoot Of Bradley Cooper’s Movie

A still from the movie
A still from the movie

It is no secret that the Hangover franchise is known for its extreme adult humor and often controversial content and situations. So, it hardly seems surprising that while shooting the first movie police threatened to shut down the production due to that one scene where Jeong’s character jumps n*ked out of the trunk of a car. While talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Todd Phillip revealed,

“When Ken jumped out of the trunk, there was a policeman who said that people were complaining from Mandalay Bay, which was in no way true. He said, ‘You keep doing it, and we’re going to shut you down.’”

Thus they had to improvise by building a cloth blackout,

“They were going to shut us down, so we built a wall of blackout cloth. It was so ridiculous. [Otherwise], they were so open to us. It was the best place to shoot.”

Despite everything, everyone claimed that shooting the movie was as fun as it was for the viewers. Perhaps that is why the first movie managed to gross over $468 million movie and now the entire franchise is worth over a billion dollars.

The Hangover franchise can be streamed on Netflix.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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