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“She wanted to take care of me”: Marvel Star Bradley Cooper Was Taken Aback During His First Meeting With Actress on JJ Abrams’ Spy Thriller

Marvel Star Bradley Cooper Was Taken Aback During His First Meeting With Actress on JJ Abrams’ Spy Thriller

Bradley Cooper is one of the most respected and talented actors in Hollywood. He has made a name for himself by starring in many massively successful projects like The Hangover film series, Silver Lining Playbook, A Star Is Born, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy series. He is not only a talented actor but also a filmmaker having won awards through both of these skills, including being nominated for an Academy Award a number of times for many works, including A Star Is Born as both actor and filmmaker.

Bradley Cooper in Alias
Bradley Cooper in Alias

Cooper and Jennifer Garner Have worked on several projects, including the Marvel actor playing Garner’s best friend in Alias and the two starring in Valentine’s Day together. Outside of their professional interactions, the two are quite close friends. So much so that Cooper Once stated that the actress quite had a maternal instinct not only toward her children but also towards him.

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Jennifer Garner Has A Maternal Instinct Towards Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper once revealed that Jennifer Garner had quite a motherly instinct long before she had her children, Violet and Seraphina. Elaborating on this according to Wmagazine, the actor revealed that she was one of the first people that he met when he entered Los Angeles, which was a long time ago, and even then the actress took up a motherly role in his life.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner in Alias
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner in Alias

“She was one of the first people I met when I stepped onto Los Angeles soil,” he recalls. “And she was very maternal, even then. She wanted to take care of me, make sure I was okay all the time.”

He then went on to reveal his reasoning for saying this stating that the actress had the tendency to take care of him a lot. She would often try to make sure that Cooper was alright and feeling well, Revealing that she had a nurturing demeanor long before she had her 2 children.

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Bradley Cooper’s First Interaction With Jennifer Garner

Bradley Cooper then reminisced on their first encounter which took place In a production house while they were filming a pilot. The actor revealed that when Jennifer Garner entered the room, She was radiant, glowing, and grabbed the attention of everyone around her. According to Wmagazine, the actress was also carrying cookies that she had baked and was offering them to people on the crew.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner at an event
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner at an event

”The first time I saw her, I was in the production office when we were shooting the pilot, and this girl comes in, glowing. She had just baked cookies, which she was offering to me, and I was like, That is who’s playing Sydney Bristow?”

This included Cooper who was extremely confused by her personality. The reason for this was the fact that this caring behavior was quite different from the character that she was supposed to be playing in the show, Alias.

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Source: WMagazine

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