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Brett Goldstein Promises To Get Buffed Up for Marvel Fans, Reveals Bonkers ’19 Chickens a Day’ Diet Plan for Hercules Transformation

Brett Goldstein Promises To Get Buffed Up for Marvel Fans Reveals Bonkers 19 Chickens a Day Diet Plan for Hercules Transformation

The overwhelming response to the Hercules cameo in the post-credits scene of Thor: Love and Thunder which hit the theatres this month have shocked the internet, as actor Brett Goldstein expresses his gratitude for the fans’ reception and promises to get “buffed up” for the role. The Ted Lasso actor was initially taken aback by the overwhelming appreciation he received, but he comments on how he promises to deliver a quality performance keeping in mind the expectations of the audience. 

Brett Goldstein
Actor Brett Goldstein promises to get buffed up

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Hercules To Be Seen In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The crowd liked Brett Goldstein’s appearance as Hercules, the classic Disney figure we have all loved and grown up with, even if the Taika Waititi-directed movie has had a fairly 50/50 reception thus far based on fans’ comments on social media. Brett Goldstein follows in the footsteps of Harry Styles (Eternals) and Charlize Theron (Multiverse of Madness) by becoming one of the extremely famous celebrities to make their MCU cameos by debuting in post-credit scenes.

Hercules in the comics
Hercules in the Marvel comics

The actor is adamant about being tight-lipped about the future project, a great way to keep the fans on their toes. The following is what the actor had to say when questioned about his connection and involvement with the franchise:

“Honestly, they’ve put a chip in my brain that will explode if I answer any of your questions, and then I don’t get to do anything.”

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Brett Goldstein And His Crazy Diet Plan

Brett Goldstein in Ted Lasso
Brett Goldstein in Ted Lasso

The role of Hercules requires the physicality needed to do the character justice, as is evident by its comic book counterpart. Hence, we can only assume that the Ted Lasso actor has to go through a rigorous workout and diet routine. The actor himself opened up about the potential diet he is set to follow, as he jokingly said the following:

“I’m going to be having 19 chickens a day. Chicken and veg all day, all night, in your sleep.”

We can only assume that there is some truth to his humorous statement, as the role does call for physical commitments. As it is, the actor has stunned the internet with his cameo appearance and one of the most talked about aspects of this was his physique as Hercules — which was commended.

Hercules to be played by Brett Goldstein
Hercules is to be played by Brett Goldstein

We hope the actor succeeds in keeping his promise to the fans.

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Thor: Love and Thunder is exclusively out now in theatres.

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