‘It will pay homage to the original’: Joe Russo Confirms Live-Action Hercules Will Respect The Original Movie’s Legacy But Will Have a Modern Spin To It

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Disney has continuously made our childhood so much better with its amazing stories and movies. For me, there were movies like Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Jumbo, Beauty And The Beast, Hercules (1997), and so on. For the kids of this decade, there is Frozen, Finding Dory, Moana, and more.


Disney has something for everyone, thus, having such a wide audience, it is great to see how Disney continues to be more and more inclusive as it grows. However, there are some classic Disney movies we just can’t get enough of such as Disney’s Hercules (1997).

Disney Hercules
Disney’s Hercules Poster

Hercules: A Disney Classic

The original Hercules movie was released in 1997 (yeah, that’s old). Back then, Disney created this movie keeping in mind the kind of audience it had to please. The genre of Hercules was a mix of Action, Comedy, Adventure, Family, and Music (same as other Disney movies).


Hercules was a huge hit. No doubt, Disney got lucky with that one. Everyone loved the story of a God-child being put in unfair situations (as comical as it could be) by his own uncle, Hades.

Hercules As In The 1997 Movie

According to the movie, Hercules was the child of Greek Gods Zeus and Hera. And Hades wanted nothing more than to have his nephew dead so he can proceed with his plans of ruling Mount Olympus.

Hades As Portrayed In Hercules (1997)

If you ask me, I think Hades has been a bit misunderstood, but to each their own, I guess.


Disney’s Hercules: The Live Action (2022)

Okay, before we go any further, I think it’s my responsibility to clear up that the Hercules Live Action I’m talking about is so not the one starring Dwayne Johnson which was released in 2014.

Now, moving on, Disney announced that there would be a Hercules Live-Action movie about a month ago and since then, fans cannot rest easy. There had been many instances (not particularly by Disney) where a classic animation movie gets ruined for the viewers when it’s adapted into a live-action one.

So, it was very fair of the fans to worry that their favorite childhood movie could get destroyed for them by this decision. Although, a lot of fans were, in fact, very happy about it too. So it can be safely said that the audience has mixed feelings about this one.


Hercules Live-Action, Cast And Director

Although the casting of Hercules is still kind of flakey, Disney has already hired a director for the upcoming project.

Guy Richie, director of movies like Disney’s Aladdin, King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, and Sherlock Holmes, has been offered the job to work on Hercules Live-Action.

Guy Richie
Director Guy Richie Also Directed Disney’s Live-Action Version Of Aladdin

As for the actors, like I said, the cast has yet to be decided but do check out this list of actors who could possibly play the roles with absolute perfection! (Yes, there’s Tom Holland in it too).


Upcoming Disney Live-Action Projects To Keep An Eye Out For

As of right now, there’s one more Live Action Disney is itching to release in the May of 2023; The Little Mermaid. Yes, it’s true. Everyone’s favorite mermaid is going to be more than just an animation now.

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I’m sure that the fans (myself included) cannot wait to watch these upcoming movies and we will absolutely love them too!


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