Hercules: Disney Hires Guy Ritchie To Direct Live-Action Movie


Disney has finally found its director in Aladdin’s Guy Ritchie for the upcoming live-action of Hercules. The original 1997 animated fantasy film is based on the Greek legend that followed the story of Hercules and his adventures living amongst the mortals.

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Hercules is popularly known for his super-strength and godlike features as he was trained by a satyr to fulfill his mission to defeat Hades and become a hero.


Hercules: The New Guy Ritchie Film

Guy Ritchie Hercules

In a report from Deadline, Disney is now working on its next live-action film with director Guy Ritchie. The studio has also begun its search for a writer, though, there was already an early draft written by Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ writer Dave Callaham. Disney also announced that the Hercules live-action will be produced by Joe and Anthony Russo under AGBO.


The announcement was made known in 2020 with the information that it would not be a literal copy of the animated film. The pandemic brought delay to the project, hence, the studio seemingly focused more on completing works that have already been started.

A Disney Live-Action Comeback

Disney Hercules


Now that theaters are back in the game, Disney has finally gotten around to picking up this project with Guy Ritchie at the helm. As he has worked with a live-action adaptation of Aladdin in 2019, this makes him one of the directors with multiple Disney projects.

Other filmmakers with this reputation include Jon Favreau (The Jungle Book, The Lion King) and Tim Burton (Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland). It is no wonder why Disney tapped into Ritchie again given the massive commercial success that Aladdin brought to the studio.


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There is no specified release date yet and very little information about the plot as it is still in progress. Fans have to keep an eye out for further details, but, in the meantime, the Disney animated film is available for streaming on Disney+.


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