Disney: 5 Things We Usually See In Live-Action Remakes

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Disney has been producing live-action remakes over the years and many of them were praised for their stunning visuals, outstanding musical numbers, and out-of-this-world costumes. The cast, including the entire crew, made it possible to create an entirely fresh and new take on our beloved fairytale stories.


To all avid fans of Disney live-action remakes, you might have seen a common theme or similarities among these productions. Disney prides itself for its consistent format when it comes to bringing these stories to life. Here are some of the things we usually encounter when watching live-action remakes:

More Significant Roles For Female Characters

Belle Beauty and the Beast live-action remakes


Most Disney movies focus the spotlight on the princesses or the female protagonists, while some have them as secondary characters like Jasmine in Aladdin or Nala in The Lion King. This does not necessarily put them in the backseat; in fact, they have the platform to shine.

For adaptations that focus on both male and female leads, like Belle and Prince Adam in Beauty and the Beast, women tend to get more attention. This is a good thing because, in contrast with animated films, women do not receive the same treatment.

Fewer Songs, More Substance

Mulan Liu Yifei


Everyone got a bit disappointed when they found out Mulan won’t be singing the famous ‘Reflection’ song. While the song carries the spirit of the tale, the creators did not see its significance to the development of the story. But, it would have been a sight to behold the actress, Liu Yifei, sing in the movie.

Most Disney live-action adaptations today prioritize getting the story out there. They may sometimes insert a few lyrics or use an instrumental version of the soundtracks.

Villains Take The Center Stage

Maleficent live-action remakes


Antagonists’ background stories in animated films tend to be explored in passing, and they don’t get the attention they deserve. The good thing about live-action remakes is they get their own movies!

Maleficent is the best example of a villain origin story. While Aurora’s tale was not left out, the movie was about Maleficent’s transformation from a kind fairy into the Mistress of Evil. Sometimes the villains have more stories to tell than any other character!

Romance Is Not The Focus

Cinderella live-action remakes


Romance is the front and center of every Disney animated film. It is where the terms ‘Prince Charming’ and ‘happily ever after’ came from. They place so much importance on finding true love to revoke a curse or get out of an abusive household.

Live-action remakes tend to veer away from the cheesy notions of romance. Sure, there was still the love element in Cinderella, but the movie focused on how she found courage and kindness despite all the abuse she experienced.

Quirky Side Characters

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter live-action remakes


In every Disney movie, there will be the iconic side characters who will provide the support for the lead or the comedic relief that we all enjoy. Their animated counterparts are usually swept to the side, but live-action characters also get exposure.

For example, the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland and LeFou from Beauty and the Beast. Both of these characters end up being remarkable despite having minor roles.


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